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Hide My Email in iCloud+

How To Hide My Email On iPhone, iPad & Mac With iCloud+

iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey come with a new Hide My Email feature that allows you to conceal your email address when interacting with websites and apps across the web. This new privacy option is available with iCloud+ (iCloud Plus), Apple’s premium version for iCloud….

Low Power Mode on Mac

How To Enable Low Power Mode On Mac In macOS Monterey

The Mac Low Power Mode is now available! All that you have to do is update to macOS Monterey and enable it in System Preferences. In macOS 12, Apple has finally imported this battery saving feature from iPhone. With Low Power Mode enabled your MacBook’s battery runs even longer during a battery cycle!…

how to enable private relay on iphone

How To Enable And Use Private Relay On iPhone, iPad & Mac

In iOS 15 Apple provides a new privacy feature that hides your iPhone’s IP address and Safari browsing activity from network providers and websites. This service is called Private Relay and can be enabled on any iPhone, iPad and Mac as long as an iCloud+ subscription is active on the current Apple ID….

macOS Monterey Public Beta Download

How To Update To macOS Monterey Public Beta

The macOS Monterey Public Beta is now available for all compatible Macs! All that you have to do is enroll your MacBook to the Apple Beta Software Program and install macOS 12 Public Beta over-the-air, in System Preferences. Of course, that you should backup your computer before you start the update process!…

macOS Monterey Beta 2 Update

macOS Monterey Developer Beta 2 Features, Fixes And Bugs

Apple has released macOS Monterey Developer Beta 2 with build number 21A5268h, roughly three weeks after the initial test version. macOS 12 Beta 2 can be downloaded over-the-air in System Preferences, as long as Mac is enrolled to the Apple Developer Seed Program and is compatible with Monterey….