macOS Sonoma Clock Bug? Wrong Time After Restart? (Fix?)

macos Sonoma time bug

macos Sonoma time bug

Are you facing a macOS Sonoma clock bug? Mac displays the wrong time after restart? Cupertino time shows on the sign in screen although the clock is set for a different time zone? You’re not the only one experiencing this!

macOS Sonoma Clock Bug

This issue has been reported by Symonsays:

“…another strange bug that shows wrong time on log-in screen after reboot.”

We could replicate the problem and have found other similar complaints on Reddit.

How To Fix macOS Sonoma Time Bug

Apparently this issue is causing Mac to display the current Cupertino time on the Sign In screen. However, as soon as you log-in with your user password, time is displayed correctly!

Even, the 24-hour clock setting kicks in if you previously selected it.

Fact: This bug should be fixed by Apple in the upcoming beta versions. We’ve reported it in the feedback app!

Have you managed to fix macOS Sonoma time bug? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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