Add and View Photos On Apple Watch

apple watch photos app

Apple Watch Photos app.

Photos is one of the standalone apps of your watch OS gadget. Once you store the desired images on your smartwatch, you don’t need an active connection with the paired iPhone, to be able to browse your favorite images. The first time you connect your Watch to an iOS device, the Favorites album from your iPhone syncs with the watch OS Photos app.

This means that photos, which you labeled as favorites on your iPhone, are duplicated on your Apple Watch. However, if these aren’t the images that you wish to have on your wrist, you can easily edit the upload source and pick another album, or even create a new album, called Watch Photos. There you can add all pictures you want to transfer on your Watch.

Open Photos on Apple Watch
apple watch photos app commands To view the images saved on your wrist gadget, flick your wrist, press the Digital Crown to open the home screen carousel and tap on the Photos app icon. The following viewing commands are now available:
Drag to pan collage and quickly skim photos;
Tap a picture from the collage view to fill the screen.
Double Tap to adjust proper full-screen size.
Swipe left or right to browse between previous and next picture.
Turn Digital Crown to zoom in/out from collage to full screen and reverse.

Manage Apple Watch Photos Album
change apple watch synced album Your smartwatch is allowed to sync a single album from the iPhone. You can either remain with the default Favorites folder, or switch for something else. What I recommend is to open the Photos app on your iOS device and create a new album.
Fill it with pictures you want to upload on your Watch. When ready, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go to My Watch -> Photos -> Synced Album. Now, pick the folder that you recently created and the photos will be synced to your wrist.

Limit Photo Storage on Apple Watch
apple watch photo storage limit Your watch OS gadget currently comes with an 8 GB storage capacity. Most of it is usually needed, to accustom third party apps and songs. This is why I recommend you to limit the amount of storage allowed and save space for other type of media. On the Apple Watch app, on your iPhone, browse to My Watch -> Photos -> Photos Limit. You can choose between 5 (25 Photos), 15 (100 Photos), 40 (250 Photos) and 75 MB (500 Photos) limit. To see your actual usage, check the info below the Photos Limit label. It reads something like: “Right now, you are using [number] MB of your 5.9 MB limit.”