Mismatched AirPods Pro Notification Pops Up Erroneously?

Mismatched AirPods Pro notification

Mismatched AirPods Pro notification

Are you getting a strange Mismatched AirPods Pro notification popping up for your brand new AirPods Pro 2? Card informs that the AirPods in the charging case are different generations and they do not work together?

Mismatched AirPods Pro Notification

Because the two AirPods Pro generations have an identical look, it’s easy to mix them up, especially if you decide to keep the older earbuds.

iOS 16 and the new AirPods firmware are able to recognize when you place two different generation AirPods Pro in the case and warn you about the mismatch, pointing out exactly which earphone is incompatible with the new case.

Mismatched AirPods Pro Notification Error

However, early adopters complain that they’re getting the mismatch warning for their brand new AirPods Pro 2, pointing out a potential day-one issue.

Maxim has reported this problem to us:

“Mismatched airpods pro notification shows up suggesting that there is a mix in the case of left airpod from the 2nd gen and right airpods from the 1st gen. It must be a bug or?”

We couldn’t replicate this strange behavior, however a similar report is available on Reddit.

Are you also experiencing the same? Please share your feedback in the comments and help us determine if this is a software glitch, or just isolated cases of a bad AirPods Pro 2 batch that’s shipping with mixed gen. AirPods.

Mismatched AirPods Pro Fix

Until we’re able to gather more info, you can apply the following fixes troubleshooting options:

1. Reset AirPods

reset AirPods Pro 2

  • In Settings, tap on the AirPods Pro 2 and scroll for Forget This Device.
  • Bring the earbuds back in the case and press & hold the button on the back side.
  • Hold it for around 15 seconds until the status light flashes ‘amber’ and then ‘white’.
  • Open the lid and re-pair AirPods to iPhone.

2. Firmware 5A377

Apple has released a day-one firmware update for the AirPods Pro 2. It should update automatically.
Open Settings -> AirPods name and scroll for Version. If you see 5A377 they’ve updated.

Tip: 5A374 is the version they ship with. If you have this one it means that you have to force the update as shown here.

Have you managed to fix the Mismatched AirPods Pro notification? Do you have a better solution or other problems that you need a fix for? Share your feedback in the comments!

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