Pedometer++ An iPhone Step Counter With Widget

iphone step counter widget

iPhone step counter widget!

This is another way of letting your iPhone contribute to your fitness level. Do you know that walking 10,000 steps on a daily basis will significantly increase your chances of living a health life? Don’t think that you have to manually count your steps! That’s insane and no one would be able to manage it. This is when, iOS comes to the rescue and transforms your iPhone into a fully functional pedometer.

All that you need to do is to download a step counting application from the App Store and start tracking your progress. You’ll be amazed about how your motivation levels are skyrocketing when you see that you are only one thousand steps away from reaching your daily goal, or that you’re current performance is below par.

Why Pedometer++ ?
pedometer++ daily step countsOK, so let’s cut to the chase and start equipping your iOS device with a step counting tool. I personally use and recommend Pedometer++. Tap on its name and you’ll be redirected to the appropriate App Store download page. This application is free of charge and doesn’t need in-app purchases for full functions. You can send a donation if satisfied and wish to tip the Cross Forward Consulting team. Steps are measured with the help of your iPhone’s gyroscope. This sensor helps your iOS device to determine whether you’re on the move or stationary. No GPS is needed for accurate measurements!

iphone 6 pedometer++ widget with elevation infoA Step Counter With Widget
Another important reason for choosing Pedometer++ is that it comes with a widget integration feature, which makes daily readings easier to access.
After installing the app simply swipe down for your iOS Notification Center, switch on the Today tab and scroll for Edit. Include Pedometer++ in the list and your daily step count is now one swipe away, every time your iPhone is unlocked.

Pedometer++ Elevation Measurements
More, if you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus you’ll also be informed about your daily elevation performance. That’s because Apple’s latest flagships are equipped with a barometer. It’s a sensor that measures air pressure and thus can detect elevation changes and even measure the climbed stairs. So, next to the step count and the mileage conversion, you also have a figured displayed with the estimated number of floors climbed! If you need more data simply tab the (i) icon and the Pedometer++ app opens.

Daily Step Goal Setting
pedometer++ daily step goal setting As mentioned above no matter which step counter you use, your daily step goal should be 10,000 units. I’ve used this feature for months and believe me that any average individual that accomplishes this mileage is, or will become a fit person.
If you wish to set higher standards you can open Pedometer++, tap the settings icon (top left corner) and modify the Daily Step Goal setting. You can also tweak measurement units from Customary (miles) to metrics (kilometers) or vice-versa.

Badge Step Count Information
pedometer++ badge step count icon previewThe Badge Step Count on icon tool can be also activated, but if you run iOS 8, I recommend sticking with widget integration. The badge shows the daily step count above the app’s icon. It’s another way to get a fast reading of your daily activity. However, you will need to access Pedometer++ or swipe for the widget to get the conversion in distance and the elevation information. I won’t be surprised if you use both because tracking your daily movement will become addictive, especially if your a competitive individual!

Other Step Counters On App Store
I use Pedometer++ because it’s simple, efficient and free. If you wish to go one step further you can download more complex apps that come with fitness routines, reporting and sharing options. Here is a list with our top 3 pedometers available on the App Store:
1. Pedometer++ (Free) – An easy to manage iOS 8 compatible step counter. Our main choice.
2. Pacer (Free) – Another fully free pedometer that comes with additional weight management plan, but doesn’t support widget integration.
3. Steps Pedometer (In-App) – As all the others it’s compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods. It additionally tracks the amount of calories burned, but this feature requires an in-app purchase. No widget available.