Remaining iPhone Battery Life Displayed On Apple Watch

iphone remaining battery percentage displayed on apple watch

iPhone remaining Battery Percentage displayed on Apple Watch.

Here is a neat little trick that allows you to check your iPhone’s battery strength from the Apple Watch. This feature can prove itself useful when you’re in a meeting, at the cinema, or in any other location where it would be considered impolite to light up the smartphone. The same feature informs you about carrier connection, WiFi Signal and even provides estimation on how much longer you’ll be able to use your iOS device, before needing to plug in! It’s even able to send you alerts to notify you when the iPhone’s battery reaches critical level or when the device is fully charged!

All this information is synced on your wrist gadget with the help of a third party app. In fact, there are several applications available on the App Store, which allow you to read the iPhone’s battery percentage directly on your wrist. Most of them are free of charge and some require in-app purchases to unlock all features. Read on and pick the one that suits you best.

How To Check Remaining iPhone Battery From Apple Watch
No matter which app you choose, the working principle is the same. The software is downloaded and installed on your iPhone and then uploaded to your smartwatch. Whenever, you inquire for the information, data is pushed from the iOS device towards your wrist gadget. Depending on the features, you can read the remaining iPhone battery percentage from Glances, or by accessing the full app on your Apple Watch.
Because the apps aren’t native, you can’t add them as complications on your Watch Face, the same you did with the built-in battery percentage indicator. However, this liberalization is expected to become available in the upcoming Watch OS versions.

5 Apps That Push Info About iPhone Remaining Battery To Apple Watch
We’ve selected five softwares from the App Store, that accomplish the above presented features. Check them out and download the one that you consider most helpful. Tap on the app’s name to open up the official App Store download link. Here is info about how to install apps on Apple Watch.
5. Battery Monitor (FREE)
battery monitor apple watch  glance This is a simple app that does what it advertises. It forwards information about iPhone battery on your Apple Watch. You can check it by opening the app from the home screen carousel layout, or via Glances, if you enable the option from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. After you install the app, grab your iOS device and go to My Watch, scroll for Battery Monitor and tap on Show in Glances! On your Watch, swipe up from Watch Face and navigate to the Battery Monitor glance.
Features: Glance View.

4. Vidgets (*FREE)
ios vidgets app on apple watch Is an iOS app developed by Less Code Ltd which provides over 50 customizable widgets for your iPhone. It now supports Apple Watch too and is able to provide numerous info about your iPhone on your wrist wearable. The downside is that it doesn’t offer a glance view, but it’s highly probable that this option will be featured in an upcoming update. To check the remaining iPhone battery percentage on your Watch via Vidgets, you have to press the Digital Crown until your reach the app bundle and tap on the blue “+” icon. The Phone battery is displayed on the main screen. Swipe left for other info about the paired iPhone like: Speedometer; Compass; Altitude; Weather; Barometer; Free Storage Space; CPU usage; Free Memory; Network Speed Monitor (WiFi/Mobile download and upload speeds and Levelmeter.
Features: 21 Apple Watch Widgets to choose from.

apple watch speedometer widget
apple watch free space widget
apple watch wifi transfer widget

3. MacID for iOS ($0.99)
macid apple watch glance This app is certainly worth purchasing if you’re an Apple fan and own multiple apple devices including Macs. The iPhone battery percentage info on your smartwatch is only a small feature provided with this piece of software, developed by Kane Chesire. This application comes with a lot of useful options which include the possibility to: Unlock your Mac via your Apple Watch, iPhone Touch ID or Passcode; track multiple Macs in the same time; Manually lock your computer; Control music playback from your wrist; Automatically wakes your Mac when you get close to it (via Proximity) and much more.
Features: Fast Loading, Glance View + Numerous options to remote control your Mac.

2. Battery Mate (FREE)
battery mate apple watch glance This app developed by Albert Lai is a performer! Data loads really fast from the iPhone. Besides the battery percentage, you can also check a full estimation on the remaining usage time, by opening the full app. Swipe up from the Watch Face and search for the Battery Mate glance. See how much juice there’s left on the iOS companion. You’re also informed about the exact model of the paired smartphone. Tap the screen to open full app. Swipe left for the remaining Standby, WiFi, Music and Video time estimations.
Features: Fast Loading, Glance View, Remaining Usage Estimation.

remaining iphone battery percentage on apple watch
estimated iphone usage times on apple watch

1. Remote Battery & Connectivity (*FREE)
remote battery and connectivity apple watch app One of the most recommended apps from this review. It’s currently the only app that is able to send push notifications to your Apple Watch when the iPhone’s battery reaches critical levels or when the smartphone is fully charged. The software is customizable. You can pick a threshold, a battery level that once reached, triggers a notification on your smartwatch to let you know that you should charge the iOS companion.
Features: Glance View, Carrier & Data Connectivity Info, * Customizable Push Notifications (in-app purchase $0.99 worth).