Apple Watch Calendar App Features and Settings

apple watch calendar app event alert

Apple Watch Calendar app Event alert!

If you have a habit of using your iPhone’s Calendar as a personal agenda, you’ll get addicted to its corresponding watch OS app. Else, you should definitely consider starting to track your events, meetings and other important to-do tasks. Having your daily schedule available at only a flick of the wrist and a tap away, helps a lot when it comes to organization, punctuality and time management.

The Calendar view can be opened directly from the Watch Face, if the respective complication module is set up. Or you can watch your daily events at a glance. The Apple Watch is able to show you events scheduled for the current day and up to the next week, so that you have plenty of time to prepare for it. Use your wrist gadget to create new events and not only as a reminder terminal. However, editing the time and other meeting details has to be done from the iOS companion.

Apple Watch Calendar Glance
apple watch calendar glance This app’s summary displays the current date, weekday as well as the first upcoming event. It can be a meeting scheduled today or within the next week, if nothing else is scheduled before. The Calendar glance is unveiled by swiping up from the Watch Face. Next, swipe left or right until you reach the Calendar summary.
If the agenda isn’t to be found it means that you have to set up this glance from the Apple Watch app on your smartphone. Open it and browse for My Watch -> Glances. Tap the green “+” icon to enable the Calendar glance. Use drag & drop to bring it upwards in the desired list position.
Tip: Ask Siri: “What’s my next event?” and you virtual assistant will display the Calendar app on your Watch’s screen.

Apple Watch Calendar App
apple watch calendar app home screen In case you need more info, tap the glance and the full Calendar app is opened. The Today‘s view is listed. If there are multiple events available, turn the Digital Crown or scroll with the finger to browse all scheduled tasks.
When you have a lot of appointments planned during a day, you can switch for the daily timeline view, with the help of Force Touch. Press Firmly on the screen and choose “Day”. Tasks are now shown on the hourly graph, which you can scroll up or down. If you swipe left or right you can switch for tomorrow’s schedule and so on. In case you scroll too much, you can Force Touch again and select “Today” to return. Press firmly on the screen and pick “List” to return to the Calendar app home screen.
Tip: Check the current month’s calendar by tapping the the “<” icon, available in the top-left corner of the application’s home screen!

apple watch calendar app force touch
apple watch calendar today list view
apple watch calender current month view

How To Create & Edit A New Event
creating new calendar event on apple watch using Siri The optimal way add a new appointment to your Calendar app is via iPhone. Open the app on your iOS Device and tap “+”, located in the top-right corner. Next, fill in the blanks and tap Add.
You can also schedule a meeting directly from Apple Watch. Wake your device and shout Hey Siri or press & hold the Digital Crown to call your virtual assistant. Command something like: “Create a [dentist, etc…] appointment for [date, time]” or “Create calendar event [title] for [date, time]”. Siri processes your input and prompts you with the event details. Tap Confirm and you’re all set.
Fact: Calendar events can be edited only from the iPhone. Any time, date or other type of modification has to be done from the iOS device.

Add Calendar Complication To Watch Face
customizing calendar complications on watch face Depending on what Watch background you use, you can add a combination of day and date. The following Faces support calendar integration: Modular, Color, Utility, Simple, Motion, or Chronograph. There are some uneditalbe backgrounds that support Calendar complications by default like Astronomy and Solar.
It’s even possible to set up a Calendar info module with the next scheduled event on those Watch Faces that support expanded view (Modular, Utility, Mickey Mouse).
To add a Calendar complication press firmly on the Watch Face view, swipe left or right for the desired background and tap Customize. Swipe again for the complication editing screen and turn the Digital Crown to select the Calendar widget.
Fact: X-Large is the only Watch Face that doesn’t accept a Calendar or any other type of complications.

utility watch face with expanded calendar view
mickey mouse watch face with expanded calendar complication
modular watch face with upcoming calendar event complication

Set Up Notifications For Calendar Events
apple watch calendar event alert Calendar entries aren’t receiving an alert setting by default, the same as Apple Watch Reminders do. If you wish to be notified when an appointment is due, or a predefined moment before to have time to prepare, you can enable an alert from the Calendar app on your iPhone. Open an event and tap Edit, in the top-right corner. Scroll for Alert and choose from: At time of the event, [x] minutes before, [y] hours before, [z days before], 1 week before.
From the same Edit menu you can add Travel Time required to reach your meeting. Alerts will take this setting in consideration and your Calendar will also be blocked during the specified time frame.

Respond To An Event Invitation
You can accept invitations to an event directly from your Apple Watch. When the the request to attend alert lands in, check the content and scroll for your options. Either Accept, Maybe or Decline the request.
If you wish to send an email to the event organizer use Force Touch, while you’re checking the event’s details. You can also call the contact by taping on its name in the details view.