Update Adobe Acrobat Reader On Mac To Patch Critical Security Flaws

Mac updating to latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version

Mac updating to latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version.

Three important security flaws have been uncovered in the Adobe Acrobat Reader software for Mac and Windows. The Mac security vulnerabilities have been uncovered by Yuebin Sun, a researcher at the Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab. The flaws could permit a potential attacker to gain root privileges silently on any macOS running Acrobat Reader 2015 and newer versions.

Adobe has acknowledged the vulnerabilities as “critical” and “important”. The company just issued a software update that patches these flaws and strongly recommends its users to upgrade. The new version is available for both macOS and Windows operating systems. We recommend you to check if Adobe runs version 2020.009.20063 on your computer and update as soon as possible if it still runs an older version.

How To Update Adobe Acrobat Reader On Mac
how to update Adobe Acrobat Reader in macOS 1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader on your Mac. (You can use the Launchpad and search for Adobe).
2. Click on Help (top menu bar).
3. Select Check for Updates….
4. Click Yes, to confirm that you want to update to the latest version. The software update is downloaded on your computer.
5. Quit Adobe to allow the software update to be installed on your macOS device. A pop-up will confirm when the update is completed.

Update: Apparently there are lots of users updating right now and Adobe’s servers might be overloaded. Just retry if you get a prompt with the following message when trying to upgrade:
“Cannot connect to Adobe update server. Please verify that you are connected to the Internet and check for updates again.”

Do you use Adobe Acrobat Reader to handle PDF files on your Mac? Are you pleased with this software? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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