Use Maximum Brightness When Watching HDR Or Dolby Vision Content On iPhone X, XS And XS Max

SDR vs Dolby Vision video content

SDR vs Dolby Vision video content.

Did you know that you have to maximize the iPhone’s display brightness when watching HDR or Dolby Vision content in order to get the best viewing experience? This type of media content looks dull, less vivid if it’s not displayed on a high brightness background. Apparently, iOS doesn’t tweak the iPhone’s brightness automatically when high quality videos are played.

If HDR and DV content looks somewhat different on your Apple smartphone when compared to your TV, that’s probably the cause. TVs are configured to automatically increase the brightness to maximum when they detect that high quality video content is played. The iPhone has the capacity to do it. For example, the brightness is automatically maxed out when a QR Code is displayed in the Wallet app. However, the same feature isn’t available for HDR playback yet.

Why Maximum Brightness For HDR And DV?
High Dynamic Range and Dolby Vision content is designed to be viewed on a screen that outputs maximum brightness. Regular scenes are shot “darker” on purpose to compensate with the extra light coming from the display. This provides the extra cushion for color makers, allowing them to emphasize bright light scenes, when needed, by tuning up the light in the production stages.

iphone xs displaying maximum brightnessHow To Max Out Brightness On iPhone!
Until, iOS will allow your iPhone to max-out brightness when it detects HDR or DV playback, you have to do it manually, for best viewing experience:
1. Swipe-up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone with Home button), or swipe-down from the top-right corner of the screen (Home Button-less iPhone), to unveil the Control Center.
2. Swipe-up on the Brightness toggle until you reach maximum level.
3. Close Control Center and enjoy the high quality video playback.

iphone xs playing 1080p hdr videoHDR And Dolby Video Content For iPhone
If you’re wondering how to play high quality video content on your iPhone you can do it from iTunes and third party video streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix and similar.
Fact: Amazon Prime doesn’t support HDR for iPhones at the time of writing. It only provides HDR content for Apple TV 4K.
Dolby Vision: is currently only supported by the iPhone X, XS and XS Max devices from the iOS smartphone range.