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Apple Music Cannot Open Error

How To Fix Apple Music Cannot Open This Content Is Not Authorized

Are you trying to play a song in Apple Music but you’re prompted with the Cannot Open this content is not authorized popup? This error has most recently surfaced during the iOS 15 beta testing stages, but you might get it on public iOS versions too….

iOS 14 landscape mode bug

How To Fix iOS 14 Landscape Mode Video Playback Bug

Is your iPhone not displaying videos properly when you’re playing them in landscape mode? Are widgets displayed on top of the video, in the left side of the screen, ruining the experience? Apparently, this is a quite common iOS 14 bug. However, we’ve only experienced in in iOS 14.2.1, as have other readers that have…

playing YouTube music in the background on iPhone

How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On iPhone In 2020

Last updated on September 5th, 2020 at 11:42 am One of the most annoying feature that is missing from the iPhone is the option to play YouTube videos in the background. If you run the YouTube app for iOS or iPadOS you can only listen to music if your iPhone is unlocked and the YouTube…

iPhone 11 CarPlay crackling sound during phone calls

How To Fix iPhone CarPlay Crackling Sound During Calls

CarPlay is a great feature to have when you use your iPhone while driving. It allows you to seamlessly integrate your iOS device with your car. The system works with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. It uses your car’s built-in display and controller. However, an annoying crackling bug can sometimes spoil the fun. Ever since…

How to use Spotify Group Session feature on iPhone and Android

How To Use The New Spotify Group Session Feature

Spotify has just added a new feature to its App Store app for iPhone and iPad (and Android too). It’s called “Group Session” and is surly welcomed by people that spend a lot of time under the same roof. The update allows two or more users, from the same location, to share the control of…