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apple music pause between songs

Apple Music Pausing Between Songs When Looping? (iOS 16.2)

Is Apple Music pausing between songs after iOS 16.2 update? Playback is briefly interrupted when a track is playing in a loop and it jumps back to the start? Issue happens on HomePod, iPhone, iPad and Mac too?…

HomePod randomly playing music

HomePod Randomly Playing Music During The Night? (Fixed!)

Is your HomePod randomly playing music? Does it happen even in the middle of the night? This issue is very annoying especially if the sound on your smart speaker remains set at a high level!…

Background Sounds in Music iOS 15

How To Add Background Sounds To Music With AirPods (iOS 15)

In iOS 15 you can add background sounds to Music when using AirPods or any other Bluetooth speaker. You can choose from various sound effects like rain, ocean, stream and many more that play in the background of your favorite songs. All that you need is to enable the Hearing feature in Control Center!…

Safari video black screen bug

How To Fix Safari Videos Black Screen Bug (iOS 15 & iPadOS 15)

Are you experiencing Safari video playback issues in iOS 15? Do you want to watch a clip embedded in a web page but the media is not playing? In fact, the movie plays, as you can see the timeline unfolding, but the video only shows a black screen? Sometimes audio and captions are available without…

Apple Music Cannot Open Error

How To Fix Apple Music Cannot Open This Content Is Not Authorized

Are you trying to play a song in Apple Music but you’re prompted with the Cannot Open this content is not authorized popup? This error has most recently surfaced during the iOS 15 beta testing stages, but you might get it on public iOS versions too….