WhatsApp Messenger Introduces Voice Message Feature For Unanswered Calls

whatsapp voice message for unanswered call

WhatsApp Voice Message for unanswered call.

The Facebook-owned cross messaging platform has received a new iOS update. WhatsApp version 2.16.8 is now up for grabs in the App Store. A Voicemail-like feature has now been introduced for the VoIP call system. This means that if you dial a WhatsApp call and your contact isn’t available to pick it up, you can quickly record and send a voice message, to let the receiver know what the call was all about and request him to dial back as soon as possible.

WhatsApp calling and chatting is popular among iPhone users when reaching out for a Contact that isn’t a part of the iOS platform. Else, iMessage remains the main Internet communication feature between Apple fans. However, the Cupertino-developers could borrow this Voicemail-like feature and add it to the FaceTime calling service. iMessage has been significantly improved with the release of iOS 10 and the introduction of Digital Touch.

whatsapp messenger software update How To Upgrade To WhatsApp 2.16.8
Open App Store on your iPhone and tap on the Updates tab available in the bottom-right corner of the screen. A list with all apps, installed on your iPhone, that can be upgraded is displayed. Tap Update next to the WhatsApp label and the latest version is on its way!
Fact: The size of the update package is 74,5 MB. I would recommend you to perform all app updates while connected to a Wi-Fi network at your home or office.

recording voice message for whatsapp unanswered call How To Record WhatsApp Voicemail Message
In this new version, whenever you dial a WhatsApp call and the receiver doesn’t answer, you’re prompted with the Voice Message option, available next to the Call Again and Cancel selections.
Press & hold Voice Message and speak out a short summary for your missing contact. As soon as you release, the audio message is dispatched.
Tip: If you start recording a message and suddenly reconsider, swipe left to cancel the dispatch!