6 Memoji New Features In iOS 14 And iPadOS 14

iOS 14 Memoji Features

iOS 14 Memoji Features

iOS 14 brings lots of new enhancements and the Memoji feature isn’t left out. You can now further fine tune your animated avatar to better match your look and personality.
There are new hairstyles available as well as new headwear styles. You also have more age options to choose from.

Memoji in iOS 14 is also much more expressive thanks to redesigned facial and muscle structure animations.
There are new memoji stickers included as wells as a new ‘Face Coverings’ section.
Your memoji is now able to wear a mask and contribute to the face covering awareness that helps the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read on and find out more details about all these enhancements.

6 Memoji New Features In iOS 14

1. New Memoji Hairstyles

new memoji hairstyles in iOS 14 There are 10 new hairstyles that you can use to customize your Memoji in iOS 14. Some of them are man bun, top knot and simple side part.
How To:
Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.
-> Select an existing conversation or start a new one.
-> Tap on the Memoji app, available in the bottom iMessage app scrubber.
-> Edit your Memoji or create a new one.
-> Tap on ‘Hairstyle’ and select the one that you want to use.

2. Memoji New Headwear Styles

new memoji headwear in ios 14 18 new headwear styles allow you to customize your emoji to show your hobby or profession. You can now wear a cyclist helmet, a swim cap or a nurse cap among others.
How To:
Follow the same steps mentioned above.
-> Instead of selecting ‘Hairstyle’, swipe-right until your reach ‘Headwear’.
-> Scroll for the desired headwear accessory. You can choose from constructor helmet, police cap, chef hat, fireman helmet, cowboy hat, sombrero, king crown and many others.
Fact: No ski/snownoard helmet for all us winter fans out there.

3. More Age Levels

Memoji in iOS 14 comes with six new age options. This means that you have 9 age appearances to choose from. The pallet starts with a baby-face look and ends with the golden years.
How To:
The age levels are found in the Head seaction of the Memoji customization menu.

4. New Memoji Stickers

ios 14 new memoji stickers Three additional Memoji stickers are added in iOS 14: a hug, a fist bump and a blush.
How To:
To send a Memoji sticker you have to configure your Memoji first.
-> With a Memoji available tap on the ‘Stickers’ app available in the iMessage app scrubber.
-> Select the Memoji that you want to use and scroll for the available stickers.
-> The three new additions are available in the 6th row, one next to each other. Tap the one that you want to use.
-> Add a comment or send it right away.

5. Memoji Face Coverings

how to send Memoji with mask You can raise awareness about the importance of wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, by adding one to your Memoji.
How To:
This is available in the ‘Headwear’ section.
-> Scroll for Face Covering and pick the desired mask.
Tip: Select the desired color. Tap on the color to bring up a fine tuning tool that allows you to select the exact shade. For more details check our extended video tutorial.

6. More Expressiveness

If you’ve used Memoji before you will notice that your animated avatar is able to better replicate your facial expressions, thanks to the revamped facial and muscle structure.

Do you use Memoji on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know using the comments section available below.

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