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iPhone overheating during FaceTime calls

iPhone Overheating During FaceTime Calls In iOS 14.3

Is your iPhone overheating during FaceTime calls after updating to iOS 14.3? Does it happen when you’re using the real-time Memoji effects? You’re not the only one. We’re experiencing the same behavior on two separate units (iPhone 12 Pro and XS model). Neither of these devices was getting hot while on iOS 14.2….

How To Use Memoji in WhatsApp

How To Send Memoji Clips & Stickers In WhatsApp From iPhone (iOS 14)

Memojis have become increasingly popular in the past year and iOS 14 adds to this trend with six new features and enhancements that make your personalized emoji stand out and express your style with even more accuracy. There are still many iPhone users that think that Memoji is restricted to Messages and have never used…

iOS 14 Memoji Features

6 Memoji New Features In iOS 14 And iPadOS 14

iOS 14 brings lots of new enhancements and the Memoji feature isn’t left out. You can now further fine tune your animated avatar to better match your look and personality. There are new hairstyles available as well as new headwear styles. You also have more age options to choose from. Memoji in iOS 14 is…

how to send Memoji with mask

How To Add Face Mask To Memoji On iPhone & iPad (iOS 14)

Unfortunately we’re still living pandemic times and this can continue for years. Apple has quickly adapted to the situation and in iOS 14 you can add a mask to your Memoji. Face coverings are used worldwide to protect users against the novel Coronavirus. In most countries the surgical masks are mandatory indoors and in crowded…

how to make a memoji

How To Create, Use And Edit A Memoji In iOS 12

Animojis have been a real hit last year when they have been introduced along the iPhone X and iOS 11. Users love to interact with the help of the funny faces that are able to pick up your facial expression and deliver your message to another iOS recipient. One year later, iOS 12 has been…