App Store App Prices Increase For Euro Using Countries Along Denmark and Mexico

app store pricing increase for euro zone

App Store pricing increase for Euro zone.

A move that will surly irritate many European Apple fans is about to unfold in the upcoming 7 days. The Cupertino-based tech giant has announced developers, that it will increase the rates for apps in all countries that use the Euro currency, along with Denmark and Mexico. This change is blamed on changes in the foreign exchange rates between the USD and EUR (Euro), DKK (Danish Krone) and MXN (Mexican Pesos). Price jumps will affect both app prices and in-app purchases. Auto-renewable subscriptions are the only transactions excluded from this new pricing scheme.

European Apple customers aren’t the only ones negatively affected by Apple’s new fees, worldwide App Store affiliates will be also massively hit by a drastic cut in the referral commission. The rewards go down from 7% to a shocking 2.5% starting with the 1st of May, 2017. That’s a 65% decrease making iTunes affiliation almost obsolete. It’s uncertain yet if the extra 4.5% gained from the cut will go directly to Apple’s pockets, or the company will share the extra revenue with app developers.

new app store pricing grid for euro countries New App Store Pricing Grid For The Euro Zone
French website has recently published the new App Store app rates for countries that use Euro as currency. The entry rates jump from 0.99 EUR to 1.09 EUR. The 2nd level is now 2.29 EUR instead of 1.99 EUR. Tap on the image available nearby to see the new pricing grid, up to level 40.
Fact: Taiwanese Apple customers will also experience a price increase for their App Store purchases, because of the introduction of a 5% VAT (value added tax) in the Asiatic country.

Tip: If you live in Europe and wish to start saving on your App Store expenses hurry up and subscribe with your favorite services until the end of this month. As mentioned above subscriptions that are already in-place won’t suffer price increases! Below you can find a list of popular services that you might find useful:
1. Spotify: subscriptions for music playback will spike up, for Euro customers, starting with 1st of May.
2. Apple Music: Individual and Family Membership subscription prices will increase up to 15%.
3. Netflix: popular TV streaming app sells in-app purchases with unlimited streaming for 1 to 4 screens. Subscribe now before the price increase!
4. Mobile Protection Internet Security: unlimited VPN security, in-app purchase currently sold for 99 EUR will significantly increase its price.
5. Learning English for Kids: one of the best way to teach 2 – 6 year old children the most popular language of the planet.
6. Sing! Karaoke: the most popular karaoke app from the App Store.
7. Plague Inc title=”Plague Inc”: One of the most popular App Store game of the moment will increase its price from 0.99 EUR to 1.09 EUR. The same is valid for the in-app purchases.
8. Planes Live Flight Status: will jump from 1.99 EUR to 2.29 EUR. Watch planes from all over the world.
9. Automatic Call Recorder: will increase its price from 2.99 to 3.49 EUR. Record incoming and outgoing calls with no time limit.
10. FaceTune: will rise from 3.99 EUR to 4.49 EUR.

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