26 New Apple Fitness+ Workouts Added This Week

26 new Apple Fitness+ workouts

26 New Apple Fitness+ workouts.

The Apple Fitness+ workouts database has just been updated with 26 new videos, to mark the beginning of a new week! Two of them are Pride themed workouts that continue the Pride month celebration! The new exercise routines cover most workout types including: HIIT, Strength, Treadmill, Core, Rowing, Cycling, Dance, Yoga and Mindful Cooldown!

How To Find Apple Fitness+ New Workouts

  • Open the Fitness app, on a compatible iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
  • Tap on the Fitness+ tab and the new new workouts are available in the New This Week section.
  • Tap on Show All.
  • Scroll and review the new videos. The list should contain 26 new workouts starting with ‘Treadmill with Emily’ and ending up with ‘Cycling with Gregg’.

Apple Fitness+ New Workouts List

If listed all the new videos uploaded this week along with workout type:
1. Treadmill with Emily – Everything Rock (20min)
2. Strength with Kyle – Pure Dance (30min)
3. Yoga with Dustin – Chill Vibes (40min)
4. Dance with LaShawn – Hip-Hop / R&B (30min)
5. Core with Gregg – Throwback Hits (10min)
6. Cycling with Kym – Everything Rock (30min)
7. HIIT with Anja – Throwback Hits (20min)
8. Mindful Cooldown with Jonelle – Chill Vibes (10min)
9. Strength with Gregg – Hip-Hop / R&B (20min)
10. Rowing with Anja – Latest Hits (10min)
11. Yoga with Jonelle – Hip-Hop / R&B (30min)
12. Cycling with Sherica – Throwback Hits (40min)
13. HIIT with Jamie-Ray – Latin Grooves (10min)
14. Mindful Cooldown with Justin – Chill Vibes (5min)
15. Core with Amir – Hip-Hop / R&B (10min)
16. Cycling with Bakari – Upbeat Anthems (30min)
17. Dance with Ben – Upbeat Anthems (20min)
18. Core with Sam – Latest Hits (5min)
19. Cycling with Tyrell – Upbeat Anthems (20min)
20. Yoga with Jessica – Chill Vibes (10min)
21. Strength with Sam – Latest Hits (10min)
22. Rowing with Josh – Upbeat Anthems (30min)
23. HIIT with Bakari – Hip-Hop / R&B (20min)
24. Treadmill with Sam – Pure Dance (30min)
25. Yoga with Molly – Chill Vibes (30min)
26. Cycling with Gregg – Hip-Hop / R&B (10min)

Apple Fitness+ New Workout Facts

The 26 new workouts are grouped as follows:
– 2 for Treadmill, Rowing, Dance and Mindful Cooldown
– 3 for HIIT, Strength and Core
– 4 for Yoga,
– 5 for Cycling.

Two out of the 26 are have been added to the Celebrating Pride workout category too: Dance with Ben and Yoga with Jonelle.

What’s your favorite Apple Fitness+ workout type? How do you find this week’s new videos? Use the comments section available below and share your feedback!

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