No Fitness+ On Mac In macOS Big Sur 11.1? (Sign Petition!)

Fitness+ on MacBook Air

Fitness+ on MacBook Air

Are you looking to play the Fitness+ workouts on your Mac? Believe it or not, Fitness+ on macOS isn’t available at the time of writing! You can run Apple’s premium fitness subscription service only on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV!

The Cupertino-based tech giant has released Fitness+ on December 14, but macOS Big Sur isn’t compatible with it! That’s shocking, especially considering that users get an optimal experience, while using a larger screen when working out. This allows you to easier follow and mirror the trainer’s moves!

Update (June 17): You can now stream Apple Fitness+ on Mac, using the new AirPlay to Mac feature available in macOS Monterey!

Why Is Fitness+ Not Working On Mac?

Currently, the only option to use Fitness+ on a big screen is by running it via an Apple TV! That of course, after you get past the Pairing Canceled error and get used to the frequent Device Lost Connection problems!

Does, this mean that Apple is forcing you to buy an Apple TV to get the most out of Fitness+? Considering that QuickTime mirroring is blocked and that other options that allow you to screencast your iPhone or iPad to a smart TV are also not working, we can only assume that this is most likely yet another marketing stunt!

No Fitness App In macOS Big Sur

fitness app not available in Mac App Store
macOS 11 does not come with a built-in Fitness app and neither does the Big Sur 11.1 update. However, iPadOS 14.3 also doesn’t include the Fitness app pre-installed. Thus iPad users are able to manually download it from the App Store (with some rare exceptions caused by a Fitness+ App Store bug).

Fact: Unfortunately, the Fitness app isn’t available in the Mac App Store! Accessing the regular App Store link, confirms that the app is only compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Fitness+ service is only available via Fitness app!

Fitness+ On Mac In Big Sur 11.2?

Apple is already testing out the upcoming macOS Big Sur 11.2 software update. However, there are no signs of the Fitness+ service being included in the update.
If Apple TV sales will be boosted by this limitation, its unlikely for Apple to reconsider it and unlock Fitness+ for MacBooks or any other Mac computer!

Petition: Do You Want Fitness+ On macOS?

Are you also hopping that Apple will reconsider this move and make Fitness+ available on Mac? Use the comments section and share your opinion. We will use this article to submit this feature as a feedback request to Apple. The more voices, the higher the chances of Apple to consider this change!

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