Apple Support App Now Available In The App Store

Apple Support app for iPhone and iPad

Apple Support app for iPhone and iPad.

Apple has started to release its much awaited support app to the general public. The first country that lists the new app in the App Store is Netherlands, but we expect to see the software featured worldwide soon. Nonetheless, it can also happen that the Apple Support app will become an iOS built-in software. We could see it automatically added on our iPhone and iPad Home Screen, as soon as iOS 10.2 hits the Software Update screen.

Until then, here is a first review of this new application. Take a look at the user’s interface and know what to expect by the time it reaches your smart device. The Cupertino-based developers aim to help out Apple customers to discover their new products, schedule Apple Store appointments and even engage in a live chat with an official support representative, to solve any problems that might arise with their new iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices.

apple support app home screen view How To Download The Apple Support App
Because this new software isn’t available worldwide just yet, it isn’t embedded in iOS as most of the other stock apps. That’s why you have to install it from the App Store. Use this official download link to attempt to grab Apple Support. If the application is available for your country, you’ll be automatically redirected to the download page. Else, you’re informed that the app isn’t released for your country’s App Store yet, with the help of the “Item Not Available” prompt. Check back later and hope for more success.

setting up apple genius bar appointment Apple Support App Facts & Features
– You have to log in with your Apple account when configuring the app. This way the software knows all Apple products that you own.
– After you insert your Apple ID credentials the app’s Home Screen is displayed and “Your Products” are listed.
– A Featured Articles category is also available on the Home Screen. A list with useful articles that teach you basic iPhone and iOS features is available. Tap the titles and edify yourself.

all support options available with apple support – the Support Options screen allows you to schedule and Apple Store appointment and have your terminal repaired. Tapping on the Find location now option allows you to check the nearest Apple services available.
– the Other Support Options section allows you to contact an Apple support specialist via live chat, email or call.
– Last but not least, the Recent History tab allows you to review your Apple support requests. Each device has its own section, with the provided assists listed in descending order.