Apple Support Forums – An Unexpected Error Has Occurred

apple support forums hacked

Apple Support Forums hacked?

The Apple Support Communities are currently unavailable! Loading displays an Internal Error message: Oops! An unexpected error has occurred. Users are asked to visit the Apple Support Communities main page. However, the same error is displayed in a loop.

Apple’s Support forums are not loading since a couple of hours already. There is no ongoing issue reported in Apple’s System Status page. The Support Communities website is listed as online, with no downtime reports. That’s because the pages do load. However, the forums aren’t.

The Apple Support Communities act as being disconnected from the SQL database. It’s not sure if this is a hacking event or just a maintenance issue, but none of the topics from the Communities are currently loading!

Update (August 9): The Apple Support forums are back online!

Apple Developer Forums Hacked?

apple developer forums hacked
The Apple Developer Forums are loading normally but they also seem to be affected by a hacking issue. Forum homepage displays only topics written in Chinese!

Tip: Select Sort by: Last updated and a mix of English and Chinese topics is loaded. Old topics seem to load normally though.

How To Check The Support Communities Offline

If you’re in an urgent need to read one of the Apple community forums proceed as follows:

how to load cached apple support forums

How to load the cached version of an Apple Support forum.

  • Copy the page’s URL from your browser’s address bar.
  • Open Google search.
  • Paste the address bar or search for the specific forum name.
  • In the search results, click on the downward pointing arrow next to the forum’s URL.
  • Go for Cached and review the most recent saved version of the forum page.

Tip: A snapshot out of the forum will be displayed on your screen. Check the top of the screen for the exact date and time of the last capture. It might be missing some of the most recent comments.

Help us determine if this is a worldwide issue or it affects users only from specific regions. Use the comments section and let us know if the Apple Support forums are unavailable, down or not loading for you too?! Please mention your location (country).