Apple’s 10 Favorite Apple Watch Apps Of 2018

Apple's 10 favorite Apple Watch apps of 2018

Apple’s 10 favorite Apple Watch apps of 2018.

This time of the year Apple has a habit of showcasing the best apps and games of the past 12 months. 2018 makes no exception. The novelty of this year’s awards is that we’re also delighted with a section for Apple Watch apps. Although the watchOS software doesn’t come with a “best of nominee”, it features 10 apps and games that have made it to the favorites lists.

Check out the list below and see if you already use them. If they’re not already installed these apps on your wrist-worn device you should download and check them out right now! The collection includes Health & Fitness apps, Weather related software, Sports, Travel and News applications. There’s also an Utility application included.

The 10 Favorite Apple Watch Apps Of 2018
1. WaterMinder ($4.99) – Is an app used by more than 2 millions iOS and watchOS owners. It helps you track your daily water intake. A simple tap on your Apple Watch adds to your tally. The app also reminds you to drink water and stay properly hydrated. It comes with a friendly user interface, pre-defined cups for quick tacking and more.
2. App in the Air (FREE) – This is a personal flying assistant. It keeps you up to date with your current flight, provides airport tips. You can check airport maps and have your own flights profile.
3. Carrot Weather ($4.99) – A multiple award winning weather app that provides detailed info about current, future and past forecasts. Yes, you got this right you can check the weather for a location up to 70 years in the past. On top of that it comes with colorful Apple Watch complications.
4. Just Press Record (FREE) – Provides an one tap audio recording feature, with the help of complication that can be installed on your favorite Watch Face. You can also be discrete and record in the background. The app comes with an unlimited recording time. Audio files are automatically transferred to the paired iPhone. You can adjust the volume with the help of the Digital Crown, pause it with a downward swipe and much more.
5. Swing Tennis Tracker (FREE) – If you love playing tennis you can’t miss this watchOS app. It allows you to analyze swing speed, spin, and shot distribution. You can also track scores, receive professional-level match stats and much more.
6. Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker (FREE) – If you plan to follow a diet, this app will make your work a lot easier. Track your food, count calories and more directly from your Apple Watch.
7. 10% Happier: Meditation (FREE) – If you’re looking for something more than the built-in Breathe app, you can download this app and upscale your meditation sessions.
8. Overcast (FREE) – Is a great podcast app that comes with a standalone podcast playback feature for your watchOS device.
9. Fun Golf GPS (FREE) – Over 1 million golfers use this app. On the Apple Watch it allows you check an interactive hole layout, automatic score-based hole-tracking, score-keeping for up to 4 players, instant shot-tracking and much more.
10. Slopes – A great ski and snowboard tracking app with support for your Apple Watch. Runs and lifts are automatically detected as you ride. The app is battery friendly and recording works without the need of an Internet connection.

Are you using these apps? If you find them useful share this article with your friends and help them uncover the best Apple Watch apps of 2018!