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Apple Music requested URL not found on server

How To Fix The requested URL Was Not found On This Server

Are you getting The requested URL was not found on this server error when trying to play a song in Apple Music? This happens when there’s a problem with the data transfer between iPhone / iPad and Apple’s servers! The issue is caused by either a laggy Internet connection or an Apple Music downtime!…

iPhone random vibrations

iPhone Vibrates Randomly For No Reason In iOS 15? (Fixed!)

iPhone vibrates randomly without any reason? There’s no banner notification generated or any other incoming alert, that could justify the unexpected haptic feedback? Are these vibrations occurring several times per hour? A glitchy third-party app or an iOS bug could be causing this!…

Apple News widget not loading

How To Fix Apple News Widget Not Loading Stories

Is the Apple News widget not loading stories on the Home Screen? Does the iPhone or iPad display the placeholder instead of the actual news? This is a common issue that can be caused by a restrictive setting or by minor iOS glitches!…

Private Relay is turned off error

How To Fix Private Relay Is Turned Off For Wi-Fi Network

Are you getting the Private Relay is turned off error for a Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is connected to? The same warning claims that your network isn’t compatible with Private Relay? This could be caused by an iOS 15 bug that started surfacing during beta testing, more exactly in Beta 4….

Rain Notification on iPhone Lock Screen

How To Enable Weather Notifications On iPhone In iOS 15

iOS 15 brings Weather notifications on iPhone! You can enable precipitation alerts and get informed whenever rain, snow or hail starts in your area. The next-hour push notifications are currently available only for the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland but the list will grow in subsequent updates….