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fast haptic touch iOS 17

Fast Haptic Touch iOS 17 Feature Shortens Duration! (How To)

Are you looking for a way to make haptic touch faster? iOS 17 allows you to shorten Touch Duration by providing a third option to this Accessibility setting. Fast haptic touch is now faster and feels similar to the old 3D Touch!…

clock greyed out lock screen ios 16

Clock Greyed Out On iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16? Fix?

Is the clock greyed out on Lock Screen? Having trouble reading the time on iPhone because the clock isn’t displaying properly? Issue persists in iOS 16.5? You’re not the only one….

face id and passcode not showing in settings

Face ID And Passcode Missing In Settings? Not Showing Up?

Is Face ID and Passcode missing from iPhone Settings? Trying to edit how Face ID authentication works on your device but you’re unable to find the Face ID & Passcode below Siri & Search and above Emergency SOS?…

watchOS 10 compatibility

watchOS 10 Supported Devices: 8 Apple Watch Models

Good news for Apple Watch users! The watchOS 10 supported devices list is the same as the watchOS 9 one. All Apple Watch models that are able to run OS 9 are also compatible with watchOS 10!…