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iphone turned off while charging

iPhone Turning Off While Charging Overnight ? (iOS 17 Bug?)

Is your iPhone turning off while charging, overnight? Device stays powered off for several hours and only turns back on before wakeup time? You’re asked to enter Passcode the first time you unlock, or even worse the SIM Pin is required to rejoin cellular network?…

background items added notifications on mac

How To Stop Background Items Added Notifications On Mac!

Looking for a way to stop Background Items Added notifications on Mac? These alerts have been introduced in the macOS Ventura update and are informing you that an app is required to run in the background….

iphone 14 crash detection error

iPhone 14 Crash Detection Error? How To Temporary Turn Off!

Did you notice an iPhone 14 Crash Detection error? Has your device falsely detected a crash while you were actually riding a rollercoaster? Or worse, it did not detect an actual car crash? Apple Watch 8, Ultra or SE 2 can encounter the same!…

Samsung TV turns off by itself

Samsung TV Turns Off By Itself, After A Few Minutes? (Fix!)

Samsung TV turns off by itself? It happened to me last night, three times, while watching Netflix. What intrigued me is that every time it took the same amount of time, a few minutes only, until the TV would power off without me touching the remote….

Mindfulness notification on Apple Watch

How To Turn Off Mindfulness Notifications On Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch prompting you with Mindfulness notifications daily after updating to watchOS 8? They can become annoying especially if you’re not the kind of person that are into meditation….