Email Reply Reminders Available On iPhone Mail In iOS 16

Email Reply Reminder in iOS 16

Email Reply Reminder option

Remind Me is a new iOS 16 feature, in Mail. It allows users to set email reply reminders for messages that can’t be replied instantly and might remain neglected over the long run. Practically, we’re dealing with a ‘please remind me to mail’ option.

Why? If you stumble upon an email that requires more time to reply, or you need additional info in order to provide a proper response, you will want to handle it later! When doing this, there’s always a risk that you forget about the email and might miss the reply.

How To Set Email Reply Reminder

how to set email reply reminder

  • 1. Open Mail and check your new messages.
  • 2. Tap the Reply icon available at the bottom of the screen.
  • 3. Go for Remind Me. You can choose from the three predefined timeframes:
    Remind Me in 1 Hour
    Remind Me Tonight
    Remind Me Tomorrow
    Remind Me Later… (Allows you to pick the exact date and time for your email reply reminder)
  • Tip: You can also schedule a Remind Me notification directly from the Inbox view. Swipe-left on the thread and tap More. Pick Remind Me, from the available options, and select the desired time frame.

How To Edit Email Reply Reminders

As soon as you use the Remind Me feature in Mail, the message in question is removed from the Inbox view, and lies hidden, in the new Remind Me section.

It’s accessible in Mailboxes -> Remind Me (under VIP)

remind me mail feature ios 16

Here you can edit the reminder time and date, or reply on the spot if you’re ready earlier!

What do you thing about this new reminder for new messages option in Mail? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Use the comments section!

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