Messenger Videos Flickering, Stuttering On iPhone In iOS 15

Messenger video flickering bug

Messenger video flickering bug

Are videos flickering on iPhone and iPad ever since you updated to iOS 15 / iPadOS 15? Does this video stuttering issue happen when you try to play the media in third-party apps like FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp and others?

Videos Flickering Bug In iOS 15

This seems like a spread out glitch that affects many iPhone and iPad users that have updated to the 15th iOS generation.

A bunch of readers have reported the bug occurring in FB Messenger:
Angel complains:

Videos received in FB messenger are all flashing or blinking.

Paul informs

“Since installing IOS15, every video that I view on FB messenger flickers really badly. “

We’ve found similar reports on other tech related website like Reddit, which prove that this is a widespread issue!

How To Fix Videos Flickering In iOS 15

To be able to solve this stuttering problem you have to pinpoint the cause. Apparently, affected third-party apps like FB Messenger and WhatsApp are to blame. They might to adjust their video processing settings to some new changes or parameters included in iOS & iPadOS 15!

Fact: Videos played on-device in the Photos app don’t flicker, stutter or flash!

Until the apps mentioned above get an App Store update with a fix, you can apply the following workarounds:

1. Restart iPhone

First, you should reboot your device. A fresh start might flush any minor glitches that could cause videos flickering!

How to: You can power iPhone Off and turn it back On, or apply this force restart trick!

2. Update Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger update 334.1 with bug fixes
Facebook is releasing new version for its Messenger iOS app. Apparently, release 334.1 seems to have fixed the flickering videos bug!

The update log mentions ‘fixes for crashes within messaging experiences’ and ‘performance improvements to remove latency’!

To update, open App Store, tap on your Profile icon (top-right corner) and tap the Update button available next to Messenger.

3. Download & Play Video

how to fix videos flickering in ios 15
A working option to get rid of the FB Messenger video flickering is to download the clips to your iPhone or iPad. Playing them in the Photos app works normally without stuttering!

How to: In Facebook Messenger you can long-press on the video. Tap More… and use the Save option. Next, open Photos and play the video!

In WhatsApp you have to open the video in full-screen mode. Tap the Share icon, available in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Use Save to download the video!

4. Delete & Reinstall FB Messenger

how to offload facebook messenger in ios 15
You can also remove Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp from your iPhone or iPad. Reinstalling it will grab the most recent version of the app from the App Store and also fix any minor glitches that could cause the videos to flicker or stutter.

I recommend you to use the iOS app offload option, to avoid losing documents & data.

How to: Open Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Messenger. Tap on Offload App. Use the Reinstall option to get the app back in no time!

Have you managed to fix videos flickering on iPhone in iOS 15? Did one of the above troubleshooting tips help out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section to share your feedback!

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