Faulty iPhone XS Volume Button – What To Do?

iPhone XS with faulty Volume Down button.

iPhone XS with faulty Volume Down button.

No one is perfect and it’s no wonder that Apple also fits in this guideline. Considering that the company sells hundreds of millions of iPhones each year you can expect, a very small percentage of them, to ship with faulty parts. No matter how good the quality control is, defect parts can make their way on to the shelves. We’ve informed you in the past about cases with iPhone X units displaying green lines out of the box.

Today, it’s time to share a problem encountered by one of our readers. He received a brand new iPhone XS with a faulty Volume Down button. I’m talking about the physical buttons available on the left-side of the device. More precisely, the button in question isn’t as clickable as usual and a single press, jams the part in the active position. The button doesn’t exit the clicked-state by itself. This forces the Volume bar to go all the way down until the iPhone is muted.

If you encounter a similar problem we strongly recommend you to bring your device back to an Apple Store and have it analyzed by the Genius bar. You will most likely receive a replacement unit. Do not look or attempt any fix that you can apply at home, especially if your iPhone is brand new. The default AppleCare warranty is enough to get your iOS device replaced if it shipped with a faulty part.

Fact: The Volume Down button is an important part of your iPhone. Besides adjusting the volume levels it’s also used in various combination for hard resetting the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR. It’s also used along the other buttons to bring the the Home Button-less iPhones into DFU Mode.

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