How To Force Restart The iPhone X

how to force restart the iphone x

How to Force Restart the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is officially available worldwide and no matter how well Apple crafted this device, at some point in time you, will have to restart it, if an iOS 11 glitch makes it unresponsive. However, because of the lack of the Home button, the usual iPhone hard reboot command doesn’t work with the 10th anniversary iPhone. Don’t panic though! Apple has figured this out too and there is a new way to force restart the bezel-less iOS device.

As a matter of fact, there are three ways to reboot the iPhone X, but in times of need, when the device won’t react to taps or clicks, only the hard restart shortcut will get you out of trouble. If you follow us regularly, you probably know that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus hard reboot command has also changed, as the Cupertino-based tech giant anticipated the edge-to-edge display iPhone X.

3 Steps To Hard Restart iPhone X
Please perform the following commands in quick succession.
1. Press and release the Volume Up button.
2. Do the same with the Volume Down key.
3. Press and hold the Side button (former Sleep/Wake key) until the iPhone X displays the Apple logo.
Fact: Be patient until the device boots back up and provide your Passcode to unlock it. If the problem that cause a force restart is still not solve, you might need to opt for the Reset All Settings option. However, before you browse the Settings app for the General -> Restart menu make sure that you back up your device in iTunes or iCloud!

3 Ways To Restart The iPhone X
Besides the above mentioned hard reboot option, there are two other ways to restart the iPhone X. However, none will work if the device is unresponsive:
2. Power OFF -> ON
The classic shutting down of the device and powering it back on, has the same results with a restart. The only downside is that this procedure takes a little longer. For more details please check how to power off the iPhone X!
3. Software Update
Your iPhone will automatically reboot when you install an iOS update. However, if the buttons aren’t working and you can’t force restart or power it off you can apply the following trick:

  • Install an iOS Configuration Profile on your device. After the profile is installed the iPhone will automatically ask you to reboot the device. Tap reboot and the iPhone X is restarted. To find out how to download and install an iOS Configuration Profile from Apple’s Beta Software Program please tap here.
    Fact: The Beta Profile can be easily uninstalled if you used it just for this restart trick!

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