How To Add Calculator To Menu Bar On Mac (macOS Monterey)

Calculator in Menu Bar on Mac

Calculator in Menu Bar on Mac

Apple removed the Calculator widget from the macOS Notification Center in the Big Sur version. In macOS Monterey you can add the Calculator icon to the menu bar. This is available with the help of the new Shortcuts app that has been imported from iOS!

How To Add Calculator To Menu Bar

add calculator shortcut on Mac

  • You only have to download Calculator shortcut for macOS Monterey: direct iCloud link.
  • Click on Add Shortcut and the quick action will be saved in the Shortcuts app and the Calculator icon added to the menu bar.
  • Important: If you’re getting the “This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad”, while trying to download the shortcut, use your iOS or iPadOS device to download it. It will then also show up un in the Shortcuts app on your Mac. (Credits: Thanks Hasan for this workaround.)

How To Open Calculator From Menu Bar

how to open Calculator from menu bar

  • Click the Shortcuts icon available right next to Bluetooth.
  • Go for Calculator.

Calculator Keyboard Shortcut On Mac

how to set keyboard shortcut for calculator
You can tweak the recently installed shortcut and also add your own keyboard shortcut for the macOS Calculator.

  • Open Shortcuts.
  • Right-click on Calculator available in the All Shortcuts or Menu Bar view, under My Shortcuts.
  • Go for Open.
  • Click on the Shortcut Details icon available in the top-right corner.
  • Go for Add Keyboard Shortcut.
  • Input the keyboard combo that you want to use for launching Calculator. Press the keys in the same order. The input will show up in the small text field section.
  • Tip: To avoid conflicts, make sure that you don’t use a keys combo that it’s already configured for an existing macOS shortcut.

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