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pipidae will damage your computer popup

Pipidae Will Damage Your Computer? Malware On Mac? (Fix!)

Got a popup informing your that Pipidae will damage your computer? You’re asked to move it to the Trash but the same window pops up again a couple of minutes later? You’re most likely dealing with Pipidae malware on Mac!…

mouse pointer size on mac

How To Enlarge Mouse Pointer On Mac In Sonoma [+Tip]

Looking to enlarge mouse pointer on Mac to be able to detect it easier? You can do it instantly by shaking your mouse! The cursor will grow bigger and become more visible on the screen! If you need it large for a longer time use the System Settings!…

macos sonoma 14.1 update

macOS Sonoma 14.1 Features, Bug Fixes, Issues And More

Apple has published the macOS 14.1 features and improvements! They’re highlighted in the release notes of the Release Candidate version. Check them all out here along with the available bug fixes and known issues!…

widgets on mac desktop

How To Add Widgets To Mac Desktop (macOS Sonoma Feature)

Starting with macOS Sonoma you can add widgets to Mac desktop and have more info at a glance. You can even display iPhone widgets on the MacBook home screen! This makes switching from smartphone to computer and vice-versa even more seamless….

macos ventura 13.4.1 update

macOS Ventura 13.4.1 Issues, Security Fixes, Bugs & More

macOS 13.4.1 with build number 22F82 and 22F2083 (for newer models) has been released for all compatible Macs. It brings two security updates! What about new issues, unsolved bugs or unmentioned changes?…