macOS Monterey 12.0.1 Update: Download, Features, Bugs

macOS Monterey 12.0.1 update

macOS Monterey 12.0.1 update

Apple has released the macOS Monterey update to all compatible Macs! macOS 12.0.1 (build 21A559) is a major update that includes new features like AirPlay to Mac, Safari updates, Live Text, Shortcuts app and more.

macOS Monterey Download

macOS Monterey download

  • macOS 12.0.1 is now available for download in Systems Preferences.
  • Click on Software Update.
  • Go for Upgrade Now, after you take a look at the update log.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and install macOS Monterey on your computer.
  • Fact: The macOS Monterey update file is 12.13 GB in size but you need a total of around 45 GB of free space on your Mac to be able to install macOS 12.0.1!

    Tip: Not enough free space to update to macOS 12.0.1? Check out this trick that will help you free up over 12GB of storage in no time!

macOS Monterey Features

macos monterey features
macOS 12 brings a series of features that have already premiered on iPhone and iPad alongside iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

This update includes new improvements for FaceTime, Messages, Safari, Focus, Notes, Quick Notes, AirPlay to Mac, Live Text, Shortcuts, Maps, Privacy and iCloud+.

  • FaceTime – supports spatial audio and voice isolation to diminish background noise. SharePlay, for screen sharing and watching movies with friends and family to become available soon.
  • Messages – includes the new Shared With You functionality also available in iOS 15.
  • Safari – supports Tab Groups which allows you to organize stabs and access them across devices.
    Tip: A ‘Compact’ Monterey look is available for those that want to try out a different Safari design.
  • AirPlay to Mac is finally available on Apple computers.
  • Focus modes work the same way as on iPhone and iPad and have the role to block distractions and help you become more productive.
  • Shortcuts has been expanded to Macs in macOS Monterey.
  • Notes app has been improved. Quick Notes is now also available on Mac.
  • Live Text is a great new macOS Monterey feature that detects text in an image and makes it interactive, so that you can easily copy, paste, translate, initiate phone calls and more.
  • Visual Look Up is available in Photos and works the same way as it does on iPhone in iOS 15. It can automatically recognize and provide details of subjects available in pictures, such as animals, plants, landmarks and more.
  • iCloud Private Relay is available with iCloud+ subscription and hides your iP address in Safari as well as browsing activity for websites and trackers.
  • Hide My Email is another privacy feature that keeps your email address concealed. You can also use your own iCloud personal domains.
  • Mail Privacy Protection protects you against tracking pixels embedded in emails.

macOS Monterey all features
Fact: For the full list of macOS Monterey features please click here. (Official Apple page)

macOS Monterey Another Update Available

macos big sur 11.6.1 update
Similar to iOS, Apple allows you to download macOS 12.0.1 or macOS Big Sur 11.6.1!

Fact: If you prefer to wait it out to see if macOS Monterey comes with any serious bugs, but still wand to get the latest security improvements for your Mac, you can tap on More info… available right under the “Another update is available”. Click Install Now and follow the on-screen prompts!

macOS Monterey Bugs

macOS 12 was beta tested for several month, but nowadays, with so many features, it’s very difficult to release a bug-free update. Below you can find a list with the common issues coming with this release.

  • USB hubs not working after macOS Monterey update.
    Credits: Apri
    Workaround: Apple recommends users to wait for a fix in an upcoming update.
  • Emails not loading in Mail since macOS 12 update. Are you also experiencing this issue? Use the comments section to confirm please.
    Credits: Mark R.
    Workaround: Check your emails via web browser until a fix becomes available.
  • Screen Saver black screen bug when using photos from a folder or album.
    Credits: Jim B.
    Workaround: Use a screensaver that’s not requiring you to select photos.
  • Messages doesn’t automatically download photos and videos anymore after updating to macOS Monterey.
    Credits: Jeff C.
    Workaround: You have to click the file thumbnail to manually download the media.
  • Adobe Digital Signature not working in macOS Monterey.
    Credits: Murali K.
    Workaround: -.
  • Mouse cursor getting stuck in macos 12.0.1?
    Credits: Margo.
    Workaround: Disconnect and reconnect Magic Mouse with the help of the built-in MacBook trackpad.
  • To be updated. (Don’t hesitate to contribute in the comments section!)

Have you updated to macOS Monterey? Did you encounter any problems? Have any questions? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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