How To Get Calculator Widget In macOS Big Sur?!

no calculator widget in macOS Big Sur

No Calculator widget in macOS Big Sur

Is the Calculator widget not showing up in your Mac’s Notification Center ever since you updated to macOS Big Sur or macOS Ventura? Trying to add it from Edit Widgets section but it’s not showing up? Everyone is missing the Calculator widget, because unfortunately, Apple has discontinued it in macOS 11!

Why Did Apple Removed The Calculator Widget?

The Calculator app available in the Notification Center was a useful feature for most Mac owners. That’s because it was easy to open. A swipe-left from the right-side of the MacBook trackpad, provided instant access to the built-in macOS Calculator.

However, similar to iOS 14, Apple has changed WidgetKit in macOS Big Sur. The widgets are now only available to provide info at a glance. They aren’t interactive, not available to receive keyboard input anymore and have stopped working as mini-apps.

Can You Add The Calculator Widget?

Unfortunately, there is not way that you can use the built-in Calculator app as a widget anymore. That’s of course, until Apple decides to change how widgets work again and will bring back former widget functionality.

However, there is a good workaround for quickly accessing the Calculator app on a Mac.
Calculator shortcut in macOS Big Sur
Spotlight Shortcut: Use the command + spacebar keyboard shortcut to bring up Spotlight Search and type your calculation formula.

Example: You can type 13 * 19 and the result will be instantly displayed. Click the Return key once for the expanded view or twice to launch the Calculator app. Your initial operation is saved and the result displayed, allowing you to continue with other math calculations directly from the app.

Other Ways To Replace The Calculator Widget

1. Add Calculator Icon To Dock

how to bring calculator in macos big sur dock
Open the Launchpad and drag & drop the Calculator icon to the desired location in the Dock. This way, the Calculator app will be a single click away.
Credits: This tip was shared by Lisa, in the comments section.

2. Show Calculator in Finder

You can also use the Shift + Command + A keyboard combo to open Finder. The Calculator app should be available towards the top of the list, because icons are displayed alphabetically.

3. Open Calculator at Login

open calculator at macOS login
Right-click the Calculator icon, in your Dock, go for Options and select Open at Login. This way the Calculator app will be opened whenever you restart, or wake your Mac.

4. Calculator In Menu Bar (via Shortcuts)

(Updated November 3)
how to open Calculator from menu bar

macOS Monterey brings the Shortcuts app to Mac. Now, you can add the Calculator icon to the menu bar. For this you need to download the Calculator shortcut! Is this workaround helping out?

(November 30, 2022)

5. Use Third-Party Calculator App

Calculator widget is still missing in macOS Ventura. Besides, the workarounds provided above you can also opt for a third-party calculator app.

Calculator Pro sticks to the top bar and stays on top of other apps, on all screens, which makes it even better solution than the old widget. You can check it out in the Mac App Store. (direct link)

Are you also missing the Calculator widget from Big Sur Notification Center? Share your feedback in the comments section! Don’t hesitate to mention if you found a better workaround.

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