How To Bring The Easter Bunny In Your Living Room (Happy Easter!)

Trick to 3D project the Easter Bunny in your house

Trick to 3D project the Easter Bunny in your house.

Happy Easter to everyone that’s celebrating today! May we all get through the COVID-19 pandemic safe and enjoy the rest of 2020! While you stay at home and celebrate the Resurrection Sunday together with your loved ones, you can play out a nice little trick that will improve your mood. You’ll surly impress your kids! All that you need is an iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone or tablet that comes with AR (Augmented Reality) support. Of course, that Internet connectivity is also required.

Thanks to Google you’ll be able to project the Easter Bunny in your living-room, on the couch, next to the improvised nest, in your yard or wherever you need it for a spectacular social media family photo!

How To 3D Project The Easter Bunny In your House
how to project the easter bunny with your iPhone in your living room1. Grab your iPhone or any other device that has AR functionality and open Safari, or any other Internet browser.
2. Bring up the Google Search Engine, type “easter bunny” and hit Search.
3. Scroll until the “See the Easter Bunny up close” section.
4. Tap “View in 3D” and move your iPhone around the room to map the perimeter until the Easter Bunny is projected in the viewfinder.
5. Tap & hold the bunny. While still holding, slide your finger across the screen to position him in the desired location.
Fact: You can also make him larger or smaller. Pinch to zoom in or out to achieve this.

How To Snap Photo With 3D Easter Bunny
After the stage is perfectly set, tap the screen of your iPhone to bring up the shutter button. Tap it and you will snap a photo with the 3D-animated Easter Bunny!
Tip: You can even record a clip with the bunny! Tap & hold the shutter button and a video recording will start. Release the button whenever you want to end the recording.

How did you celebrate Easter this year? Has the 3D Easter Bunny lifted your spirits a little? Let us know in the comment section available below!