How To Edit Pictures On Instagram And Save To Photos Without Posting

How to save photos edited on Instagram without posting them

How to save photos edited on Instagram without posting them.

Instagram for iOS has been recently updated with a much awaited new feature! The popular social media app now allows you to save photos that you edit, before posting. This means that you can also use this app as a third-party photo editor on your iPhone. Instagram is renown for its incredible variety of photo filters as well as other edit options like Angle adjustment, Brightness, Contrast, Structure, Warmth, Saturation, Colour, Fade, Highlights, Shadows and many more.

Until now, the only way to save a photo edited via Instagram’s tools was by publishing it. This would automatically download a copy and make it available in the Photos app and you could share it on other platforms and channels. That’s not needed anymore. All that you have to do is download the most recent version of Instagram for iOS (direct link) and follow the steps described below!

How To Edit Photos On Instagram And Save Them Without Posting
how to edit images on Instagram and save them to Photos app without posting 1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and tap the “+” icon, available in the middle of the bottom-menu.
2. Select the image that you want to fine tune and tap Next.
3. Upgrade your picture. Use a Filter and tap the Edit button to access the numerous image enhancing tools that I’ve mentioned above.
4. When finished, tap the downwards-pointing arrow, available at the top of the screen, on the right-hand-side of the “magic wand” icon.
That’s it you can now press the back-button and exit the app. You will find the edited image in the Photos app!

Fact: At the time of writing this new feature isn’t available on Instagram’s Android version. But it will surly be released any time soon.

Are you using Instagram as a photo editor? What do you think about this new option? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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