How To Configure The iPhone’s Respond With Text Feature For Declining Incoming Calls

How to customize quick responses of the respond with text iPhone feature

How to customize quick responses of the respond with text iPhone feature.

It often happens that an incoming call pops-up in an unwanted moment and there is no way you can pick it up. You might be already aware that iOS comes with three quick response options that allow you to politely decline the conversation and let the caller know why you refused to engage. There is also a 4th option that allows you to write a custom message, on the spot, but that takes a bit of time and if you’re really busy, you won’t have time for it.

iOS does come with an option that allows you to customize the predefined quick response options, that become available when you choose to decline a call with a message. This way you are one tap away from politely rejecting a call. You can let the other person know that you will get back as soon as possible. Read on and see how to use this setting!

how to configure the respond with text iOS featureHow To Customize iPhone Quick Responses When Responding With Text To Decline A Call
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Scroll for Phone.
3. Tap on “Respond with Text”.
4. Customize the three “Respond With” entry fields.
Fact: Note, that you will still have the 4th “Custom” option available alongside these three predefined quick responses.

tips for polite quick response options Tips:1. I recommend you to start all three quick responses, by apologizing that you can’t pick up the call. The word Sorry, should be enough.
2. Compose your message to sound as abbreviated as possible. Your caller might not know that your reply is predefined and if you use a long text, it might seem awkward that you had time to write a long text and could not pick up the call.
3. Have one option that informs the caller that you will call him/her back as soon as possible. This one should be the first option and used mainly for close friends or important business partners. Another option should ask the caller to text you in case there is something important that he wants to communicate. A third option should ask your caller to call you later.
4. If you communicate in multiple languages, you can translate a general quick response in multiple languages to cover all options.

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