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AirPods Pro Popup Text missing

AirPods Pro Optimized Charging Popup Text Missing? (Fixed!)

Is the AirPods Pro Optimized Battery Charging popup not displaying text properly? You’re not getting the Turn off until tomorrow option, but see CHARGE_NOW_ACTION_TITLE instead? This is a glitch that surfaced during the iOS 15.2 beta testing stage….

drag and drop files on iPhone

How To Drag And Drop Files On iPhone In iOS 15

Starting with iOS 15 you can drag and drop files across apps on iPhone! All that you have to do is long-press on an image, text or any other file. navigate to the desired app, while still holding your finger glued to the screen. Release the hold when the image thumbnail hovers over the desired…

missing text input field in Messages

How To Fix No Text Input Field In macOS Big Sur Messages

Are you trying to reply to a text message but there is no text input field shown in the Messages conversation window? This seems to be caused by a macOS Big Sur bug. Those that are plagued with the issue have reported that not all conversations are affected. The issue is randomly occurring for select…

How to customize quick responses of the respond with text iPhone feature

How To Configure The iPhone’s Respond With Text Feature For Declining Incoming Calls

It often happens that an incoming call pops-up in an unwanted moment and there is no way you can pick it up. You might be already aware that iOS comes with three quick response options that allow you to politely decline the conversation and let the caller know why you refused to engage. There is…

How to Forward Messages on iPhone

How To Forward Messages From Your iPhone

Whenever you receive a text on your iPhone and want to share the content of it with one or more contacts, you can use the built-in iOS message forwarding feature. Of course that you can also do it the traditional way by copying & pasting the content from the current messages thread to the new…