How To Disable The iPhone’s New Message Preview Feature

hidden iphone iMessage preview

Hidden iPhone iMessage Preview on lock screen.

iOS devices are factory configured with a default setting that displays a preview of your new incoming Messages, on your iPhone’s lock screen, when the device is locked and within banner alerts, when you’re actively using the smartphone. In most cases this feature is welcomed, because you can figure out what the text message is all about, just by having a sneak peek at your device’s display, when an SMS alert lands in, or by reading a rapid preview of the text unfolding at the top of your screen, while continuing to browse the current app.

However, there might arise situations that require privacy and you can’t allow yourself to expose the content of messages to people in your proximity. For example, if you’re in public and have the smartphone on a table, or anywhere else that could allow others to take a glimpse at its display, a new private iMessage or regular SMS, containing important info, could partially leak and data end up compromised. Fortunately Apple’s in-house developers have considered this aspect and iOS allows you to disable the incoming Message Preview feature and protect the content of your text conversations. You can even take this one step further and fully prevent Messages app notifications from reaching your iPhone’s lock screen!

How To Disable iPhone Text Message Previews
iphone message notification preview disabled Whenever you expect private news and you’re in public, make sure that your iOS gadget stays out of sight. This means that you have two options, either keep it in one of your pockets, or, in case you’re the type of person that prefers to limit the time the iPhone gets stored in his pockets (to avoid unnecessary cell phone radiation exposure), display it on a nearby desk or table, but turn off the Text Messages Preview feature!
Step 1: Grab your smartphone and open the Settings app.
Step 2: Open the Notifications sub-menu and scroll for the Messages label.
Step 3: Within the Messages view, scroll all the way down to Show Previews and toggle available next to its label, to turn it OFF.

iphone new message notification with hidden preview

iPhone new message notification with hidden preview.

iphone new message notification with preview enabled

iPhone incoming message alert with preview enabled.

iphone messages notification show on lock screen settingStep 4: To add one more layer of privacy, you can scroll back up and also disable the Show on Lock Screen feature. In this case no visual alerts will be triggered when a new text message lands in on your locked iPhone. Audio and vibration warnings still occur and keep you updated.

Fact: From the same Messages notifications setting screen you can also disable the Badge App Icon, Sound Alert, Notification Center Display as well as determine if you wish to receive any notifications at all. Tweak them to meet your requirements at any given moment!