How To Display Real Time Headphone Audio Levels On iPhone (iOS 14)

Real time headphone level checker in iOS 14

Real time headphone level checker in iOS 14.

In iOS 14 you can check the audio levels of the headphones connected to your iPhone or iPad, in real time. This new feature is available in the Control Center. Use it to quickly notice if the volume levels are healthy for your ears. Green graphics show that you’re listening within the accepted limits, while a yellow font means that your AirPods, EarPods or any other listening accessory is too loud!

The Hearing feature that allows you to compare how loud you’ve listened to audio on a headset has been introduced in iOS 13. Browsing the Health app allows you to check the average of the volume levels that you used throughout the day for hearing music, podcasts or any other media on your iPhone or iPad. A comparison with the results from the previous day is also available.

How Display Real Time Headphone Audio Levels

To be able to display the audio levels of your headphones in real time, you have to add the Hearing toggle to the iOS / iPadOS Control Center.

Add Hearing Toggle To Control Center

how to add hearing toggle to Control Center
1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap on Control Center.
3. Scroll for the ‘More Controls’ section and add the green ‘+’ icon next to Hearing.
Tip: Drag & drop the Hearing label to the desired position from the ‘Included Controls’ list. You can bring it higher in the list. Keep the toggles that you use more often in the lower area for easier access.

Open Control Center

headphone level checker in iPhone Control Center 4. Connect your Airpods, Earbuds or any other third party headphones to your iPhone or iPad.
5. Start listening to audio and swipe-down from the top-right corner of the screen to bring up the Control Center.
Fact: Users that own an iPhone with a Home Button have to swipe-up from the bottom of the screen to unveil the Control Center card.
-> Real time readings of the headphone audio levels are automatically displayed.

Interpret The Real Time Headphone Level Readings

expanded view of real time headphone audio level in iOS 14 6. Notice the newly added Hearing toggle? It acts as a real time headphone level checker.
– If it’s green you’re listening in the safe zone.
– A yellow color means that the output Volume is too loud.
Tip: Tap the Hearing toggle to bring up the expanded view. Now you can check the exact loudness values, measured in decibels (dB).
Fact: Notice that the safe listening zone is anywhere between 20 and 80 dB. Going above 80 turns the headphone volume meter orange. Avoid listening to music, podcasts or any other audio for a long time louder than the healthy listening values, to a prevent hearing damage!

iOS 14 Headphone Level Video Tutorial

For a more detailed view of this feature check our video tutorial available below:

Important: Apple mentions that the headphone level readings are more accurate if you use AirPods or any other certified Apple headset.

Have you tried this new iOS 14 real time headphone audio level feature? Are you listening in the green zone? Let us know, using the comments section available below.

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