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homepod mini volume too low

HomePod Mini Max Volume Lower After 16.3 Update? (Bug, or ?)

HomePod Mini max volume low after 16.3 update? Maximum Volume is much lower, at least 20% down from the previous audio intensity? Is this a bug or Apple has turned down the volume intentionally?…

siri voice too loud

Siri Voice Too Loud? Looking For Siri Whisper Mode? [How To]

Are you finding the Siri voice too loud at night and in the morning when you wake up? You want to your virtual assistant to speak quietly? Are you looking for a Siri whisper mode similar to Amazon’s Alexa?…

volume button not working during call

Volume Buttons Not Working On iPhone During Calls? (Fix?)

Are volume buttons not working on iPhone after iOS 16 update? You’re not able to lower or increase the volume during calls? Clicking Volume Up or Volume Down causes no change in audio intensity whatsoever? Here is what you can do!…

Volume slider lag on iPhone

How To Fix Volume Slider Bug On iPhone In iOS 16

Is the Volume slider lagging on iPhone in iOS 16? Are the Volume Buttons not working as expected and act as being stuck when you click them? This is a common bug that has been reported by a lot of users in iOS 16 Beta 4….

HomePod mini volume control not working

HomePod mini Volume Control Not Working (Fixed!)

Is the HomePod volume control not working as expected? You’re trying to adjust the sound level but the outcome is unpredictable? The audio output jumps in the opposite direction or doesn’t change at all? This is caused by a HomePodOS bug….