How To Enable Low Power Mode On Mac In macOS Monterey

Low Power Mode on Mac

Low Power Mode on Mac

The Mac Low Power Mode is now available! All that you have to do is update to macOS Monterey and enable it in System Preferences. In macOS 12, Apple has finally imported this battery saving feature from iPhone. With Low Power Mode enabled your MacBook’s battery runs even longer during a battery cycle!

Low Power Mode On Mac

Performance is sacrificed for battery life when you put your Mac in Low Power Mode. The system clock speed is turned down and the display brightness is lowered.
Similar to the iPhone, you MacBook will suggest you to enable Low Power Mode when the remaining battery percentage reaches 20.
However, you are able to manually turn on Low Power Mode, at the start of the day to maximize the autonomy. This can be an option if you plan to use your Apple computer for less intensive tasks like browsing the web or watching videos.

3 Ways To Enable Low Power Mode On Mac

If you’re looking to switch Low Power Mode On or Off you have the following options:

1. System Preferences

how to enable low power mode on Mac

The standard way of turning on Low Power Mode is by opening System Preferences (from Dock).
Click on Battery.
Select, Battery in the left sidebar.
Check the box next to Low power mode.
Tip: You can use a shortcut by bringing up Spotlight Search (cmd + Space) and searching for Battery!

2. Status Bar

A faster way to put Mac in Low Power Mode is to click the Battery icon available in the status bar. This way you have the the ON/Off switch a single click away.
Tip: If there is now battery icon in the status bar, you have to enable it from System Preferences -> Battery -> Battery -> Show battery status in menu bar.

3. Siri Voice Command

Last but not least you can also ask Siri to turn on Low Power Mode on MacBook!
How To: If supported invoke Siri via the ‘Hey Siri’ voice command or use the alt + S keyboard shortcut to wake Siri up.
Command: 'Hey Siri enable Low Power Mode! '

Low Power Mode Facts
– Low Power Mode was first introduced to the iPhone in 2015, with the release of iOS 9.
– It was expanded to the iPad only last year, thanks to iPadOS 14.
– The Apple Watch doesn’t feature a Low Power Mode, but a Power Reserve mode instead. When enabled it turns the smartwatch into a regular watch until you plug it in to a power source.

Are you using the Mac Low Power Mode? Is the battery life extended significantly? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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