How To Fix Magic Mouse 2 Not Charging, Stops Charging

Magic Mouse 2 not charging

Magic Mouse 2 not charging

Is your Apple Magic Mouse 2 not charging when you connect it to a power source? The low battery warning notification pops up on your Mac and your peripheral might stop working soon? I had the same issue! Happily, I managed to get the Magic Mouse 2 charging again by applying the troubleshooting options listed below!

How To Check If Magic Mouse 2 Is Charging

You can check if your Apple mouse is charging by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the macOS status bar. As long as the Bluetooth accessory is connected, the remaining battery percentage is displayed next to its name.

When the Magic Mouse 2 charges, its name and battery levels are grayed out in the Bluetooth menu, confirming that charging occurs! The peripheral becomes active again once you unplug it.
Magic Mouse 2 not charging issue
Tip: You can also check the Magic Mouse 2 charging status in System Preferences -> Mouse. Usually, the battery percentage displayed here is more accurate, as it’s updated when you open the window.

Fact: Magic Mouse 2 charging occurs fast, because the battery is small in size. This means that you should quickly see a progress in the charging process. If it’s not happening it means that the accessory has a charging problem!

How To Fix Magic Mouse 2 Not Charging

Go through the following steps to troubleshoot Magic Mouse with charging issues:

  • 1. Connect Lightning Port Properly

    First of all make sure that you plug the charging cable all the way into the Lightning port. Sometimes if you push to gentle the plug doesn’t fit in completely and charging won’t take place because of that.

    Fact: If you do it correctly but the Lightning cable doesn’t seem to properly fit into the Magic Mouse charging port, proceed to the next troubleshooting tip.

  • 2. Clear Lint

    cleaning Magic Mouse 2 charging port
    If you use your MacBook in a ‘hostile’ environment, there is a high chance that lint might gather in the charging port. A dirty table top, or simply extended usage can allow lint accumulation. This doesn’t allow the plug to completely squeeze in.

    Fix: Inspect the Magic Mouse charging port and clear the lint with a toothpick or any other sharp object that allows you to grab the dirt pile and eject it. Be gentle and avoid damaging the port.

  • 3. Change USB Power Source

    With the charging port clean, your next troubleshooting option is to change the charging source. Try a different USB port on your MacBook.
    If this doesn’t work you can also reboot your Mac, to flush any potential software glitch that could prevent charging.

    Tip: Bypass the USB hub if you’re using one, and plug the Magic Mouse 2 charging cable directly into your computer. A hub could interfere with the Magic Mouse 2 charging process.

  • 4. Replace Cable

    Magic Mouse 2 charging with iPhone cable
    Believe it or not, the Magic Mouse 2 charging cable could be the culprit. Try charging the peripheral with a secondary USB to Lightning cable. It could be from one of your older iPhones or iPads!

    Fact: This one worked in my case. Surprisingly, my 2-months old Magic Mouse 2 refused to charge with the original, out of the box charging cable. It was only the 3rd charging cycle. I replaced the cable with the one I use for charging my iPhone and the mouse charged flawlessly!

    Important: I did go through airport security twice with my MacBook and the Magic Mouse 2, just a couple of days before this issue flared up. Whether one of the scanners was the cause of the damaged charging cable remains a mystery!

  • 5. Replace Battery

    If you reached this step and the Magic Mouse 2 is still not charging, you’re most likely dealing with a hardware issue. Either the rechargeable battery has worn out, or has been short-circuited and it needs to be replaced.

    Fix: I recommend you to bring your Magic Mouse 2 in to authorized Apple service and have the battery replaced.

Conclusion: When troubleshooting Magic Mouse 2 not charging issues you have to think about all aspects of the charging process and try to isolate the problem. Then fix it!

Have you managed to fix Magic Mouse 2 not charging? Did one of the tips mentioned above help you out? Share your feedback using the comments section available below.

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