How To Ignore A Conversation In Microsoft Outlook For iPhone And iPad

Microsoft Outlook multi-reply conversation thread

Microsoft Outlook multi-reply conversation threads.

Microsoft has just released a software update for its Outlook app for iOS. It comes with a much awaited new feature that allows users to remove the annoying repetitive multiple reply conversations from their Inbox that could end up distracting you all day and diminishing your productivity. For those not familiar with the term, a “conversation” is used by Microsoft to describe a chain of emails from the first one all the way to the last reply which contain the same email subject.

The new option is called Ignore Conversation and is specially aimed to stop those company-wide email conversations that pile up in the user’s inbox as everyone keeps replying to them. When sending emails to multiple users at once, it often happens that you get pinged back the entire day by the same email, as most users in the conversation use the “reply all” option.

This feature has been available for Outlook users on other platforms for quite some time now, but now it’s the first time when iPhone and iPad users can take advantage of it. Microsoft Outlook for iOS is ranked no. 4 in the App Store’s Productivity section. It averages a rating of 4.7 (out of 5) from a total of a whopping 1,200,000 million ratings. To grab the Ignore Conversation feature you have to update to the latest version available.

Microsoft Outlook Software Update Log
Version: 4.36.0.
Update Log: “Sick of that company-wide email that everyone is still replying all to? So are we. Stay focused on what’s important by getting it and all future replies out of your inbox and straight into deleted items with our new Ignore Conversation feature.”
Install / Update Link: App Store (Official Link)

How To Ignore A Conversation In Microsoft Outlook
1. Open Outlook for iOS.
2. Select the conversation that you want to mute
3. Tap the Ignore Conversation option.
Fact: The emails that you decide to ignore are deleted. Future emails related to the one that you already ignored will be automatically redirected to the Deleted Items folder.

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