How To Listen To Youtube Videos In The Background In iOS 11

iphone playing youtube video in the background

iPhone playing Youtube video in the background.

Even if it sounds simple and it actually is a piece of cake in terms of software availability, playing Youtube videos in the background of your iPhone and iPad is nowadays more difficult than ever. Apple has taken care of patching the trick that allowed us to play Youtube music in the background with the help of Safari and most recently has also pulled the ProTube app from the App Store.

It’s true that this later action resulted because of pressure pilling up from Google’s end. The Internet giant aims to protect the interests of it’s Youtube Red subscription service. Thankfully there is still one more workaround available for listening to Youtube videos in the background, while performing various other actions on your iOS device. This is done with the help of the third party Internet browser, Opera. Continue reading and learn how to apply this trick. Be quick because it can be only a matter of time before this tip becomes obsolete too.

How To Listen To Youtube Videos In The Background In iOS 11
how to listen to youtube videos in the background on iphone 1. Tap here and the official Opera download page opens up on your iOS device.
2. Tap GET followed by INSTALL to download and deploy Opera on your iPhone.
3. Validate your “purchase” with the help of your Apple ID password/fingerprint/face (iPhone 8?!)
4. Hit OPEN to access the newly installed browser.
5. Type in the address bar and search for the desired song, playlist or podcast that you want to listen in the background.
6. Click Play to start the video.
7. Hit the iPhone’s Home button and start multitasking. Youtube playback will stop.
8. Swipe up for the Control Center and tap Play in the Music controls card to resume playback!

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