How To Put A Call On Hold On iPhone To Call Someone Else

Ongoing call put On Hold on iPhone

Ongoing call put On Hold on iPhone.

Do you know that you can put a call on hold to dial for someone else? This hidden iPhone trick is available from the earliest iOS versions, but there are many experienced iPhone owners that aren’t aware of it.
Most iOS users know how to place a call on hold when another call is coming in. That’s quite straightforward because you only have to follow the on-screen options.

But how can you put a call on hold on your iPhone without the help of a secondary incoming call? The ‘Mute’ button is the origin of this hidden trick. It’s available in the ongoing call interface.
As soon as you place a call on hold, the conversation partners from the other end of the line will start listening to random music, provided by the cellphone network that you’re using.

Trick To Put A Call On Hold On iPhone

how to put a call on hold on iPhone 1. Engage in a cellular phone call with your iOS device. You can either dial are new call or answer an incoming one.
Fact: If you run iOS 14 or later you have to tap the new incoming call compact user interface. This will bring up the classic iOS call UI.
2. Long-press the Mute button, available in the top-left corner of the ongoing call options menu.
Tip:Keep the Mute button pressed until the ‘HOLD’ label is displayed below the Caller ID.
Compatibility: This trick works for all iPhone models from the already legendary iPhone 3G to the latest released iPhone 11 flagships.

Announce When You Put Someone On Hold

It’s always recommended to announce your call partner, when you need to bring him / her on hold. Explain the reasons, if possible, and try to un-hold the conversation as soon as possible.
Fact: Most users won’t stay on hold for more than 20 seconds. They’ll either hang up and call you back later or just drop the call. If you plan to keep someone on hold for a longer time, better ask politely to end the conversation and offer to call them back in a timely manner.

how to make a secondary call on iPhone How To Call Someone Else
– After you place an ongoing call on hold you can dial someone else by tapping the ‘Add Call’ button. Select the desired contact from the drop-down list and add him to the ongoing conversation, turning it into a group call.
– If you want to dial a separate call use the ‘contacts’ button and start a new call, by selecting the desired contact from the list.
Tip: You can also use Siri to initiate a new call.

On Hold vs Mute

on hold vs mute iPhone pause call options If you don’t need to call someone else and want just to place your current call ‘On Hold’ just because you want to have a private conversation with someone nearby, you also have the option to Mute the call. This will kill your microphone and the contact on the other end of the line won’t hear anything.
– The benefits of muting a call is that if your call partner is the one talking, you can activate the speakerphone and mute the call without your call partner knowing it. When he / she finishes talking you can quickly unmute the call and reply. This way you can have a both private offline discussion as well as a less-private cellular one.
Tip: This is a great solution if you need to flush the toilet without giving yourself away.
– The ‘On Hold’ option usually generates ambient music for your call partner, while he has to wait for you to pick up the line again. It’s useful if you need a longer privacy cushion. Do announce your call partner before activating the ‘On Hold’ option.

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