How To Fix The iPhone Making Random Calls Issue

iPhone random calls issue

iPhone random calls issue.

Are contacts calling you back and asking why you don’t speak out when you call them? Does your iOS call history display recent calls that you aren’t aware of?
In this case, your iPhone is making random calls on its own, without you knowing it!

Don’t worry! You’re not the first and won’t either be the last one experiencing this issue.
We’ve isolated the most common random calls causes on iPhone and have listed a fix for each scenario.
All that you have to do is browse them all and apply the recommended solutions. They will help you to avoid other similar embarrassing situations.

5 Ways To Fix The iPhone Random Calls Issue

1. Manually Lock Device

Very often, the iPhone accidentally calls a contact from the ‘Recents’ call history if you don’t lock your device as soon as you stop using it. This cause is the main factor of triggering random calls on any smartphone and not just the iPhone. You can accidentally touch the display and dial a random entry from the iOS Call app when you bring your iPhone in your pockets, or while holding it in your hand without looking at the display.
Fix: Use the Side button to instantly lock your iPhone whenever you stop using it. Also set the Auto-Lock setting to the minimum of 30 seconds.
How To: Settings -> Display & Brigthness -> Auto-Lock -> 30 Seconds.

2. Disable Voice Control

how to disable iPhone Voice Control Voice Control is an Accessibility feature that has been introduced in iOS 13. It allows users to interact with an iPhone using voice commands.
Your Apple smartphone could pick up various names found in your Contacts list, while listening for commands, and thus mistakenly consider that you want to call someone.
How To:
Open the Settings app and browse for Accessibility -> Voice Control -> Disable Voice Control.

3. Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

Random iPhone calls can be also accidentally generated by various Bluetooth devices that are paired to your smartphone. You could accidentally press a button and trigger a call. A third party Bluetooth unit can have a faulty accessory that causes the random call, or your kid could toy with a device that’s connected to your iPhone.
What you can do is check all connected devices and disconnect what’s no longer needed.
How To: Settings -> Bluetooth -> Tap “i”, next to the [device name] -> Forget this device.

4. Screen Repair

Hardware issues can also trigger random calls on iPhone. If you dropped your iOS device and damaged the display, even without cracking it, the touch screen could start acting strange and pick up false taps.
The same goes for aftermarket screen repairs. If you replaced the display of your iPhone with a part that isn’t genuine, the screen can react strangely some times and could easily trigger accidental calls. More details can be found here.

5. Other Rare Fixes

The three fixes are the most common causes that generate iPhone random calls. Below are a few more isolated solutions that are more rarely used:
– Restart iPhone: rebooting the iOS can always fix minor glitches. If an accessory isn’t acting as it should you can try to force restart your iPhone.
How To: Click in this order the Volume Up -> Volume Down -> Side Button (hold until the Apple logo flashes on the screen). Be patient until the device restarts. Provide your Passcode and you’re ready to go.
– Reset Settings: You can bring back the factory settings on your iPhone and see if this fixes the random calls issue.
How To: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

Are you experiencing random calls on your iPhone? Is any of the above fixes working for you? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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