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how to screenshot iPhone 11

How To Screenshot Your iPhone And Share The Capture In 2 Easy Steps

Most of us know how to capture a screenshot on the iPhone. Depending on the model, if it comes with a Home button or not, the print-screen is done by using a combination of two buttons. The iPhone 8 and older versions have the Home button + Sleep/Wake button combo (more info here), while the…

iPhone Flashlight and Camera lock screen shortcuts

How To Quickly Turn On The iPhone Flashlight Or Camera From The Lock Screen

It’s hard not to notice the two icons available in the bottom corners of your iPhone’s Lock Screen. On the left you have the Flashlight shortcut, while in the other corner you have the Camera quick access. However, there is not shame to admit that you don’t know how to trigger them. I know many…

how to rearrange apps on iphone home screen in ios 13

How To Rearrange, Delete Apps From The iPhone Home Screen In iOS 13

Apple has dropped 3D Touch support for its 2019 flagships and has opted for Haptic Touch as a replacement. Practically, instead of force touching the display you will achieve the same results with the help of a long press. This might turn out the be confusing, especially when you attempt to delete apps from the…