How To Rate Or Report App Store Reviews On iPhone And iPad

Rate App Store Reviews

Rate App Store Reviews

Do you know that you can easily rate App Store reviews on your iPhone or iPad? This helps Apple’s algorithm to display relevant reviews towards the top of the list and provide a better, curated access to opinions about an app or a game. You can use the same trick to report a review if you consider it misleading, off topic or spammy.

How To Rate Reviews On App Store

how to rate App Store review

  • All that you have to do is browse the App Store on your iOS or iPadOS device.
  • Select and app or game that you’re looking to download or review.
  • Scroll for the Ratings & Reviews section.
  • Browse and read the available comments. When you find one that you agree or disagree with, long-press the review. A quick actions menu shows up allowing you to rate the review as: Helpful or Not Helpful.

How To Report App Store Reviews

how to report App Store review
You can also Report a Concern if you consider the review inappropriate. If you opt to report you need to choose why you find the review inacceptable. There are four options to choose from:
It contains offensive material
It’s off-topic
It looks like spam
Something else

Fact: No matter which reason you select, you will be asked to explain your selection with a written comment. Apple informs you that your neither the author of the review or the app developer won’t see your comment, so you can be honest without any concern.

Tip: If you consider a review unhelpful or poorly written you shouldn’t report it, but rate it as Not Helpful instead.

Did you know about this trick that allows you to rate App Store reviews? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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