How To Fix Apple Music Cannot Open This Content Is Not Authorized

Apple Music Cannot Open Error

Apple Music Cannot Open Error

Are you trying to play a song in Apple Music but you’re prompted with the Cannot Open this content is not authorized popup? This error has most recently surfaced during the iOS 15 beta testing stages, but you might get it on public iOS versions too.

How to Fix Apple Music Cannot Open Song Error

This content is not authorized Apple Music error can be triggered by a series of causes. Go through the solutions provided below and see which troubleshooting step works for you best:

1. Restart iPhone

Your first option is to force restart your iPhone. A fresh reboot could flush any minor glitches that might trigger the Cannot Open error in Apple Music.
How to: Depending on your iPhone model force restarting works with different button combos: iPhones without Home button restart like this. For older molders use this comobo.

2. Check Apple Music System Status

Apple Music system status
Secondly, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is the culprit of the Cannot Open error, by taking a look at Apple’s System Status page.

Check for any ongoing issues related with the Apple Music services. If Apple’s servers experience overloading problems or encounter other issues they might fail to authorize the content. If the status is ‘Green’ (Available), proceed to the next step.

3. Sign Out and back In with your Apple ID

Because the Apple Music Cannot Open error mentions authorisation problems your next torubleshooting option is to sign out of your Apple ID, reboot iPhone and sign back in:

  • Open Settings and tap on your Apple ID available at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Apple ID page and tap Sign Out.
  • Type your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off to confirm.
  • Reboot iPhone and sign back in. Attempt to play the Apple Music song again. Are you still getting ‘This content is not authorized’ popup?

4. Delete And Re-Download Song

how to fix Apple Music cannot open error

  • Next up, try removing the track from your Library and delete it from your device.
  • Search for the same song in Apple Music and re-download it.
  • Also, add it back to the Library. Does it play now?

5. Tweak Apple Music Settings

Last but not least you can work on some Apple Music settings that might trigger the Cannot Open song error:

  • Open Settings and browse for Music.
  • Make sure that Mobile Data (Cellular Data) is enabled.
  • Also check for Sync Library to be turned ON.
  • Disable Automatic Downloads. (Songs might not download properly if you’re using your iPhone in an area with weak Internet connectivity).

Did you manage to fix the Cannon Open song Apple Music error? Was any of the above troubleshooting steps useful? Use the comments section and share your feedback. Don’t hesitate to mention if you know any other working fix.

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