How To Replace Cracked iPhone 6 Glass or Damaged LCD

iphone 6 with cracked screen

iPhone 6 with cracked screen.

I honestly wish that you should never had the need to lookup for this article, but if you’re reading these lines it means that my wishes haven’t been fulfilled. The unthinkable must have happened! It’s the worst nightmare for every iPhone user, to see his device’s glass cracked and shuttered. Right now, you’re an unhappy gadget fan that scans the web, with despair, to asses the damage and see if the iPhone 6 display can be repaired and for what costs.

To brighten up your mood here’s the good news. Yes, your iPhone 6 screen can be replaced and your device restored to its original state. However, costs vary depending on how strong you’ve bruised your display and what type of AppleCare protection plan you own. Read on and learn how to repair your iOS device!

AppleCare+ Costs & Benefits
The easy way to repair a broken iPhone is to include the AppleCare+ package along with your purchase. This comes with up to two device repairs opportunities, in case of accidental damage, meaning that your iPhone is insured for both factory hardware or software flaws, as well as for your own negligence. However, do note that you’ll still be charged a flat service fee of $79 for every repair made because your the one to blame for the damage. This adds expenses to the initial AppleCare+ package fee of $99. The extended plan provides insurance for two years since the day you purchased your device. If you’re not ready to spend the whopping $180 ($99 +$79) and have it the easy way, in case of a cracked screen glass or damaged iPhone display, read on to discover other options.

Ways To Replace Damaged iPhone 6 Screen
If your iPhone 6 accidentally slipped out of your hands, or jumped from your pockets and scattered on the pavement, you have the following options to repair it:
applecare+1. Apple Repair
As mentioned above you can ask the manufacturer to solve the problem for you. Either make an appointment with a Genius in a local store or send your iPhone via Mail. Depending on the extent of the damage, Apple will either repair or replace it for you. If you are under AppleCare+ coverage any repair will cost $79, else the screen replacement for an iPhone 6 is serviced at $109 while the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 will cost $129 for a screen replacement. However, if the severity of the damage is larger prices jump at $329 for an iPhone 6 Plus; $299 for iPhone 6; $269 for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5; $199 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G; $149 for the Original iPhone (according to

iphone service2. Smartphone Service
A cheaper option would be to repair your iOS device at your local smartphone service. Prices should be lower than the official store, for about the same quality.
If you never used your local cell phone service inquiry yourself about the quality and pick the one with the best reviews.
A local iPhone service should be your option when your iPhone is out of warranty and your problem is considered ‘routine’.

iphone screen replacement accessory3. Do It Yourself
Certainly the cheapest way to repair your iPhone’s display is to do it yourself. There are plenty Youtube videos that teach you how to replace your iPhone’s LCD. You’ll need an iPhone repair kit and an original replacement screen for your iPhone model. For most Apple flagships, the replacement screen package includes the front Glass, Digitizer and LCD. Some even come with complete screen assembly that also includes the Home button. Be aware that there is a risk of compromising your device if you don’t document yourself properly before screwing!