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Tag: Display

woman using face id with closed eyes

3 iPhone X Face ID Attention Awareness Features

The TrueDepth camera that’s built-in the front notch of the 10th anniversary iPhone changes the the device’s unlocking procedure, as well as the way users validate purchases in iTunes or clears Safari to use the AutoFill feature. It practically takes over all the functionality from the TouchID system. We’ve already shown you how to configure…

geniune vs aftermarket iphone 7 display

How To Fix Replaced iPhone Display That’s Malfunctioning With Erratic Touch Commands

Have you recently serviced your iPhone and replaced its damaged screen? Is the new display acting weird, registering touch commands without your fingers even reaching for the glass? Is it impossible for your to write text because random letters are auto-pressed on the keyboard without you even touching the screen? Does the iOS device simply…

iphone 8 plus cracked unit in chinese tv

iPhone 8 Plus Splitgate / Batterygate Fact Or Fiction?

With two reports coming in from Taiwan and Japan about iPhone 8 Plus owners that saw their new devices split open, the Internet has already started panicking about a potential major design or manufacturing flaw in the oversized 2017 Apple flagship. Before we start complaining about an alleged iPhone 8 Plus Splitgate or Batterygate, let’s…

iphone true tone display feature

iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus True Tone Display Feature

Another new feature coming with the 2017 iPhone flagships is the True Tone Display. Although it might not seem like a big deal, your eyes will highly appreciate it in the long rung. But what is True Tone Display you might ask? Well, it’s a similar feature with the Night Shift mode. It helps your…