How To Report Bug To Apple Easily On iPhone In iOS 16

report bug popup in iOS 16

Report bug popup in iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can report bugs to Apple much more easier than before! Apple has added new functionality alongside the iOS 16 Beta, which prompts users to share a bug report, whenever a process glitches out an the app or the entire OS crashes unexpectedly!

Apple plans to reduce the number of bugs that slip through the summer-long beta testing period. This should allow the Cupertino-tech giant to rollout a less problematic iOS 16 public version and increase customer satisfaction!

Share Bug Report Prompt In iOS 16

Bug reporting has been available in the past too. However, you had to open the Feedback assistant app manually and file the report.

This approach proved itself counterintuitive, as Apple did not receive enough feedback to pinpoint and fix significant issues. This allowed a significant amount of bugs to find their way in the iOS 15 and iOS 14 public versions.

Starting with the iOS 16 Beta stage, crashes are automatically detected by the iPhone and a prompt asks you to Share feedback and diagnostic files with Apple.

The bug report popup mentions the issue that will reported. For example, I just had:

“Preferences closed unexpectedly”

while trying to change the region of my iPhone.

Or, you’re informed that a restart has been performed because of a problem:

“Your iPhone was Restarted Because of a Problem”

In both cases the request is:

“Help resolve this problem by sharing feedback and diagnostic files with Apple”

How To Send Bug Report To Apple

The report bug popup comes with two options: Cancel and Share.
how to report bug to apple

  • 1. I recommend you to tap Share as often as possible, because this will increases a chances of an iOS 16 bug to be quickly pinpointed and fixed in an upcoming software update.
  • 2. An iOS Crash Report page will be displayed on the iPhone / iPad screen and you only have to describe the actions that you performed before the bug played out, in the Description section.

    Important: Provide as many details as possible to help the debugger to fully understand the issue. Apple even published a Developer info page that provides detailed tips about how to submit a highly useful bug report. More details here.

    Fact: iOS Sysdiagnose and more code about the crash are automatically attached to the report.

    Tip: You also have the option to Add Attachment if you have a screenshot that could help with bug fixing.

  • 3. Tap Submit and your bug report will be send to Apple.
  • 4. Tap OK to move on, or you can Open Feedback Assistant to check the status of other bug reports.

How To Check Bug Report Status

To check if Apple addressed your report, you can check the crash report status in the Feedback app:
how to check crash report in feedback assistant

  • Tap on All.
  • Search for the Name of your crash report and tap on it.
  • Check the Resolution status. It can be Open or Resolved

    Tip: Tap the three-dots icon, available in the top-right corner if you want to add more info to your bug report!

Report iOS Bugs To

After sending an iOS 16 crash report to Apple, we invite you to share the bug with us too. We will try to replicate it and provide troubleshooting tips.

If we’re not able we’ll share the issue with the community and ask our readers for suggestions.

You can describe an iOS 16 bug in the comments of this article or send them over privately via email or by filling our bug report form.

Are you using the new iOS 16 bug report feature! Did you get any crash reports fixed by Apple? Share your experience in the comments.

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