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report junk ios 16

How To Undo Report Junk On iPhone In iOS 16 (Turn Off?)

Are you looking for a way to undo Report Junk on iPhone? The new iOS 16 spam report setting is misleading and causing you to accidentally flag as spam a lot of texts, in the stock Messages app? Here is what you can do about it….

Apple Watch Battery Health degrading fast

Apple Watch Battery Health Decreasing Fast? (Share Numbers)

Is the Apple Watch battery decreasing fast? Design capacity has degraded significantly in a short period of time? We’ve analyzed a series of reports and got mixed data, but it seems that the Apple Watch battery aging curve is much more accentuated when compared to iPhone. Are you experiencing the same?…

report bug popup in iOS 16

How To Report Bug To Apple Easily On iPhone In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can report bugs to Apple much more easier than before! Apple has added new functionality alongside the iOS 16 Beta, which prompts users to share a bug report, whenever a process glitches out an the app or the entire OS crashes unexpectedly!…

report weather on iPhone

How To Report Weather Issues On iPhone To Improve Forecast

Starting with iOS 15.5 you can report Weather issues on iPhone. Basically, users can submit detailed feedback about the current conditions in your location. You can mention overall conditions, actual temperature, wind status and more….

ios 9 feedback assistant app

How To Use The iOS 9 Feedback Assistant App

You should already be aware that the iOS 9 Public Beta 1 has been released, a few hours ago, and is up for grabs for all iPhone users willing to test Apple’s upcoming mobile OS version. If curiosity has driven you to install the beta version already, you should know that you can contribute to…