How To Set Parking Location In Google Maps For iOS

google maps saved parking screenshot

Google Maps Saved Parking feature.

iOS 10 introduced a great new feature to its stock Maps app, allowing iPhone owners to save their parking location, in order to avoid confusion when traveling to a new destination. In fact, the app will automatically show where you parked your car if you use CarPlay or any other similar aftermarket service, because its developed to automatically drop a pin when the iPhone disconnects from the car’s computer. Of course, that you can save the coordinates manually and even add a photo for easier guidance.

Recently, Google Maps for iOS has also been updated with similar functionality. You can easily set your current coordinates as Parking location. The application will save the vehicle’s position for 12 hours and also allow you to download an offline version of the nearby area. This ensures that you have a map of the parked car location even if you remain without an Internet connection. Naturally, you can also ask Google Maps for directions whenever you want to return to your car. Read on for the how to guide!

how to save parking location in google mapsGoogle Maps Set Parking Location Feature
1. How To Save & Review
– Open Google Maps from your iPhone’s Home screen and tap on the blue dot that displays your current location.
– A slide-out menu unveils from the bottom of the screen. Tap on the “Set as parking location” label and the “You parked here” pin is dropped on the map.
– Tap on the “P” icon to display additional parking info. You’ll be prompted with a banner that includes info about how long ago you saved the location, along with an estimation about how far away you are from your car.
– Tap on the Saved parking banner to expand the view and get more precise info like exact address, the time until Google Maps will remember your parking location and even a photo of the location, via the Google Street View service.

google maps download area near saved parked location 2. Download Area For Offline Use
The expanded Saved parking screen also includes a Download button that allows you to grab a map of the nearby area and save it for offline availability. Tap it and the “Download this area?” feature opens up. Use the are selector to determine which section of the map you want to save. Be aware that you can pinch to zoom and enlarge or diminish the area up to certain limits. Google Maps informs you how much space is needed to download your selection and it also provides info about how much storage is available on your iOS device. Tap “Download” when ready.

share saved parking location via google maps 3. Share Parking Location
If you’re traveling with others and split when you reach your destination, you can easily share the parked car data with your contacts and make sure that everyone finds the car on their way back.
On the same Saved parking screen, used before, you’ll notice the Share button. Tap it and the Share Extensions panel slides in. You can send the coordinates via Mail, Message, WhatsApp or any other third party communication channel. You can also use the Copy function grab the link and share it on a web page, or discussion forum.

google maps directions for saved parking 4. Get Saved Parking Directions
Last but not least, when you finish sightseeing you can tap on the “walking human” icon to get directions for your way back to your parked car. The navigation screen opens up with your current location set as starting point and the Saved parking location as destination. You’re informed about the distance and the time that will take you to reach the steering wheel.
Fact: After you reach your car you can remove the Saved parking pin from the map by tapping on the Clear button, available next to the Download option.